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    How do I set Adobe Flash Player as the default program to open SWF files?

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      Basic Overview

      I have this working fine at my home laptop, however I need this working for projects at school.

      Whenever I want to open an SWF file at home, I simply double click it and open it in Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player 10.0 r22) and I have no problems!

      However, when I am at school I have to run SWF files within Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash Player IS installed, but the SWF files are not opened in that directly, they are opened within Internet Explorer.


      At Home

      If I right click an SWF file at home and select "Open With" and then "Choose Default Program...", Adobe Flash Player is already there under the name 'Adobe Flash Player 10.0 r22', so I can simply select it as the default. (On my home laptop)


      At School

      At school if go to "Open With" and then "Choose Default Program...", Adobe Flash Player IS NOT there, only Internet Explorer and some other programs in the other programs box. (On my school laptop)



      How can I assign Adobe Flash Player as the default program for opening SWF files (on my school laptop)? If I select "Browse..." and go to C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macromed\Flash there is no file with a description of 'Adobe Flash Player 10.0 r22', is the file for the actual program located somewhere else or have I just no looked properly in the folder?


      I really need these files opening in Adobe Flash Player directly and not in Internet Explorer (I know you can set the view to 100% and have it sized correctly)


      Thanks you to everyone who helps!
      -Charlie! (Yes I know I don't need to write this in a forum)