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    Opening 2 projector files???

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      I am creating a portfolio disk comprising of a number of old projects, which
      will be accessed through a main menu on a new movie, which would play
      through a projector.

      The old movies (dcr files as well as their own exe projectors) will be
      located in sub-folders on the disk. All these movies have a 'Quit' button
      which closes down their projector while quitting their movie.

      Accessing the old movies from the menu movie is not a problem - the problem
      arises when a viewer might want to close down the old project they're
      watching and go back to the menu movie to make another selection. As soon as
      they hit the "Quit" button, the projctor shuts down, including the menu
      movie's projector.

      My question is: how can I, without going into each of those old projects and
      editing the 'Quit' button to read: go movie "main_movie" could I create a
      Menu Movie which will continue playing in the background while the old
      project is up, and which will not shut down when the project movie is
      quitted? I gather its not possible to have 2 projectors playing
      simaltaneously either (?)

      Is a MIAW the only option?
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      btw - what is the correct way to type in a path for a project on disk - with
      a / or a \ ?