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    How come MPE GPU acceleration is slower than software only for exporting on my system?


      I installed the GTX285.  Turned on MPE GPU acceleration.  Exported a clip (source footage: R3D 4K) with Encoder to 1080 (h264).  It took 41m42s to finish.

      I turned off the MPE GPU acceleration (so now it's MPE software  acceleration only). I exported the same clip with the same settings  (1080, h264).  It took 35m45s.

      How is it that GPU acceleration is slower by almost 6  minutes?  All variables were the same in both instances.  Can someone please provide some insight as to why this is happening?

      I have a 2010 quad (3.2 gHz) Mac Pro with 5.0.2 PP and 10.6.5 OSX with 16 GB RAM.