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    Getting Permission error in Contribute CS3


      This is going into the 3rd week of being down due to lack of support from Adobe.


      Our contribute server is set up to use active directory to validate the login.  That works fine.


      It fails when trying to validate the FTP loging to the webserver.  I have it set that everyone shares the same FTP login.

      This was working fine for about a year and then we started getting this error:


      [Your permissions on this website have been revoked and you cannot edit pages on this website]


      The  known login and password work successfully in other software from that server.


      We've ruled out the firewall. (packet sniffing shows no traffic from the server)


      We've ruled out the antivirus software on the server. (turned it off and problem persist)


      We checked the PSAPI.DLL . (there wasn't one in the contibute directory, copied sys32 one there)


      We deleted the contribute.xml file from the webserver _mm folder (no difference)




      I would like to know what files to remove (without uninstalling) so we can start from scratch.


      Thanks,  Jim