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    Why are there print differences between Reader and Acrobat Pro

      I have a PDF file generated by InDesign (CS3). When I print the PDF from Reader (8.1.4) I get lighter text than when the same file is printed by Acrobat Pro (9.1.0). A close examination of the printed letters shows that the text printed from Reader is not solid black, while the text from Pro is solid black.


      Is this typical or is there something I need to do to improve the printing from Reader?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          We need more information on your setup? OS? Printer? Printer Driver? Version of Reader and Pro? Offhand I'd say you have a difference in the printer preference that is determined by application. You could try to delete the printer driver completely and re-install to see if it makes a difference.

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            Computer: HP tower, D500T, Intel Core2 Quad Q9450@2.66 GHz, 6.0 GB RAM

            OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 64, Service PAck 1.

            Printer: Brother HL-5250DN purchased two weeks ago connected via USB directly to computer, can't locate driver but Brother shows version 3.24 was the latest release, Feb 1, 2007 so I assume that's what I have.

            Adobe Reader: 8.1.4

            Adobe Acrobat Pro: 9.1.0


            I checked the printer peferences and they seem to be the same: 600 dpi, toner saver off.


            I just noticed when I opened the document in both applications to check the printer settings that the document in Reader appears slightly, but definetly, lighter on the screen (NEC MultiSync LCD 1990sxi). So I think it's related more to the application than the printer.


            When I print a page from another PDF file, the printer manual, it prints fine – just like the same page from Pro. However, it too looks light on the screen.

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              I am a CADD Coord. (CADD Mgr)designer) I used to do a lot of design. Just recently we have noticed that anything printed from Adobe, the reader or the full version, is printing so lightly in many cases that it looks like it is missing data. whenever we create teh PDF from Autodesk products or Bluebeam Revue, it is the same. Bluebeam prints perfect. Yet the exact same file printed through Adobe is very, very light. Even printing as image it does this. And it appears at random. Some people print ok, but the exact same printer sent by someone else, using the same method, comes out too light in Adobe.


              I have contacted Autodesk and they have punted it back. Anyone have any answers or clues to fix? i send out deliverables for clients all the time and I hate to find out they print and miss something of the design.