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    Adobe Ends Development Efforts on Project ROME

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      Hi Romans,



      Thank you for all of your feedback and support of Project ROME. We’ve taken your input into serious consideration during this preview period. After weighing this initiative against other projects currently in development at Adobe, we have made the difficult decision to end efforts on Project ROME. Our intention with this application was to explore the opportunity and usability of creative tools as software-as-a-service in the education market and beyond, and we have learned a lot from you so far. However, given our priorities, we are focusing resources on delivering tablet applications, which we believe will have significant impact on creative workflows.



      This decision means that we are concluding the trial of Project ROME for Education.  However, the commercial version of Project ROME will remain free to the public via Adobe Labs, http://bit.ly/LabsROME, along with other new and emerging innovations, technologies, and products from Adobe. Please note that no additional Project ROME software updates are planned at this time.



      On behalf of Adobe, we would like to thank the Project ROME testers and especially the many educators for their hard work and support on this initiative. The feedback and guidance on this project has been invaluable.  While Project ROME will not be pursued, the insights and suggestions will help shape future product development.



      If you have any questions or comments regarding Project ROME, please check out the FAQ below, leave us a post on this thread or forum, or send us an email to ROME_feedback@adobe.com.


      Thanks again,





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      Edelman Digital on behalf of Adobe Systems



      Project ROME FAQs


      Why is Adobe stopping develop on Project ROME?
      Adobe conducted a trial software pre-release program for Project ROME.  Like other Adobe Labs programs, this pre-release program enabled Adobe to test Project ROME with a large group of educators and consumers as a means to gather market and product information.  Like with Labs, the results of these efforts dictate whether a product continues under software development and out to market, or not.  This process is a very practical, helpful way to let Adobe assess whether they have the right solution for the right set of customers. At this time, Adobe has decided to stop further development on Project ROME to reassign the teams to other projects.


      What is going to happen to Project ROME?

      The commercial version of Project ROME will remain free to the public via Adobe Labs along with other new and emerging innovations, technologies, and products from Adobe.  No additional Project ROME software updates are planned at this time.



      What is going to happen to Project ROME for Education?
      The trial of Project ROME for Education has concluded.  Adobe will shortly remove the software from the website.  Those participants in the pre-release program will not be able to use the web-based version of Project ROME.  Those who have downloaded the Adobe AIR® desktop application may be able to use it, but it will not be supported, and no new features will be developed.  The Project ROME desktop application requires AIR, and as Adobe releases new versions of AIR, the two will become incompatible.  Project ROME will eventually not work due to incompatibility with future AIR releases.



      If you are stopping all development on Project ROME, why are you leaving the commercial version available?

      Like any Adobe Labs release, we would like to continue learning about product usage.  Per the terms of service, Adobe may cancel Project ROME at any time.



      Why are you discontinuing Project ROME for Education, but leaving the commercial version available?

      We appreciate the enthusiasm for Project ROME in education.  However, we do not want to see pre-release software used in the classroom and will not be able to provide the support needed to offer the education version.  If you are 18 years or older, you may use the commercial version.



      What happens if you have a Project ROME website hosted by Adobe?

      For users with websites hosted at the project-rome.com domain, Adobe will send an email regarding the status of your content soon.  Adobe recommends you use the "SWF (Flash Player Compatible)" output channel to save the files needed to republish your website with another hosting provider.



      How do we send feedback to Adobe about Project ROME?

      Adobe welcomes all comments and feedback.  Please check out our User Forum or send an email to ROME_feedback@adobe.com.