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    Flash works on every website but Adobe's


      I will qualify that post header:  If I am on an Adobe webpage and trying to view a tutorial and most videos, nothing downloads.  The video gets stuck on "read downloads.tv.adobe" or "readimages.tv.adobe.com" or "transferring data from  ...

      Content from "adobe.edgeboss.net" never works.

      However, video blurbs that play ads from "pl.yumenetworks.com" and content from "stats.adobe.com" play fine one some pages, but lose sound totally or intermintently on other pages. And on one page that has 3 videos, one will play fine but the other 2 will have no sound or partial sound.  And it is consistent - every time I try a specific video; the same result.


      All other websites (e.g. hulu, youtube) work fine.


      What's happening?


      Win 7, 64 bit

      IE8 32 bit

      Firefox 3.6.12 (32 bit)

      ISP: Wildblue (satellite)

      Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

      Adobe Flash



      (note: even tried it with all firewalls turned off)