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    Subtitle on movie in Premiere Pro CS5


      Sorry for being a newbie, but I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere? I just want to put a simple subtitle (url) on an entire video. How do I do this? When I search I find only how to do it in Encore, but I don't have Encore, I just have Premiere Pro CS5. Thanks in advance!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You say "subtitle," but it sounds like you really want to add a Lower-Third Title with your URL. Is that correct?


          If so, then you would create your Lower-Third Title in Titler, then drag it to an empty Video Track above your Video Clips, and extend its Duration to match the Timeline. PrPro comes with some Lower-Third Templates, but you can easily create your own from scratch.


          If you mean Sub-Titles, like for additional languages, that is different and you do that in Encore.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here's a look at how your Timeline would look:


            Think that image might be from PrE, but it will layout basically the same - just look a tad different.


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              mbasnes Level 1

              Thanks you guys, gonna look at that tutorial now. Just thought it would be a lot simpler. Like the tutorial I watched on Encore, you click in the timeline, below the last audio track, type it in, stretch it to the end of the move and voila. Guess it's just a little harder in PP. Sure do appreciate your help!

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                shooternz Level 6

                You do need to get your terminolgy sorted a little.


                Sub titles are generally for the purpose of "translating" an audio track in a foriegn language to a familiar language by way of a "sentence" at the bottom of the screen.  These are created in a different workflow if one needs this for a DVD.


                eg Encore will create them in multiple languages but it also permits the viwer to watch the DVD and choose what ever subtitle it will display.



                A Title is created in a Titler or Photoshop and applied permanently to a movie in a program such as Premiere PRO.


                It is very simple actually and you will discover that the Titler has a lot of power to create interesting creative Titles.


                The basis of it is you create a Title and you place it over the top of any layer in the timeline (as per Bill Hunts reference above)

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Subtitles in Encore are true Subtitles, as will be Closed Captions (similar, but different). Remember, with real Subtitles, you will access those ONLY from the DVD, or BD, or now Flash DVD. These will NOT be burned into your video, and if you view the resulting file on a computer, you will not see the Subtitles. They would only appear, if you played the DVD (from disc or folder) in a DVD software player.


                  PrPro does not have the capability to do true Subtitles. It can, however, do what would look like Subtitles, and that would be the Lower-Third. Remember, these WILL be burned into the Video.


                  Is it true Subtitles that you want? If so, then Encore is the way to go.


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                    Bucketheadd Level 1

                    For my job I create instructional videos (with English V/O.....go figure)


                    Using Premiere Pro CS5


                    I've been tasked with researching if it's possible to either:


                    A: Add different language subtitles (still with English V/O) - Need Spanish, German, French, Portuguese

                    B: Find something online that can generate a different language from text.(I've tried this but everything is very "robotic" sounding.)


                    Any ideas on the easiest way to achieve either of these? Where can I find language texts? I know French has certain symbols above certain letters.


                    I'm thinking just translating a 1 page script into say German with an online translator and then make titles in the titler and add them in. This would just be somewhat tedious and those online translators aren't always 100% sometimes.


                    I'm not expecting a perfect solution, just seeing if someone has done this before


                    Will be creating .wmv, and .flv's. No dvd's


                    Thanks alot