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    Reduce file size Acrobat X

    jay fresno Newcomer

      What happened to the Document > Reduce File Size command that used to be in Acrobat 9?

      For that matter, I don't see the PDF Optimizer command either.

      What are the methods used in Acrobat X to reduce file size?

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          jay fresno Newcomer

          I just found that the Reduce File Size command has been moved and hidden under the File > Save As menu. Still haven't figured out where the PDF Optimizer command went or even if it is still available in Acrobat X.

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            George_Johnson Legend

            File > Save As > Optimized PDF...

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              jay fresno Newcomer


              Thanks for your reply. Our posts must have crossed each other about the command being moved to the file menu. Do you know if PDF Optimizer is still available for Acrobat X?

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                George_Johnson Legend

                Yes, choose "File > Save As > Optimized PDF...", as opposed to "File > Save As > Reduced Size PDF...".

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                  bike_guy Newcomer

                  Thanks! Amazing where "old" commands get moved in new versions.  BTW, I could not find this answer in the Adobe X Help.

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                    CtDave Rockstar

                    At Acrobat X on line help -

                    The topic path is Home / Using Acrobat Pro / Editing PDFs / Optimizing.

                    In the sub topic "Save using PDF Optimizer" the "Open the PDF Optimizer" provides the discussion.



                    At the LiveDocs on line Help a PDF is available (link in upper right of web page).

                    While the PDF is not updated with the frequency of the LiveDoc Help content it can be useful to have.

                    Once downloaded, embed an index to facilitate search. This provides a handy "quick look up reference" file that is immediately available.


                    Be well...

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                      Maq Simone Newcomer

                      Hello Sir,



                      I am working on online graphics and acrobat is really a great tool to minimize my tasks.. but I am having a problem with reducing the file size of a pdf. I want to reduce the file but not affecting its quality... I am actually using Adobe Acrobat X Pro and I cannot find the solution on this problem? can you please advice? Ive

                      used Acrobat 9 before and it seemed to be better than this version - I was able to reduce the size of a pdf without affecting the quality of an artwork/image etc.


                      Thanks a lot and hoping to hear from you so soon!

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                        jay fresno Newcomer

                        Use the File > Save As command.

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                          J at GZA Newcomer

                          I must be doing something wrong.  When I follow the instructions for reducing a pdf file, it actually comes out bigger that when I started.  Are there additional settings I need to adjust to reduce the file?  My goal is to prepare files so that I can e-mail them and post to Internet databases.

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                            VirginiaBraiden Newcomer

                            Thank you!!! I have been looking for the reduce size option for a


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                              troutlaketom Newcomer

                              I have read thru all the posts on how to reduce the size of a PDF file, yet when I follow the suggested steps I do not see the options indicated in some of the posts. For example (using Adobe Reader- X, version 10.0.1) when I open a 15.4 mb pdf file  and select the Save As option, the two choices are Save as a pdf file or save as a text file. I need to reduce this file size in order to upload to a family ancestry application


                              Help, please

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                                Bill@VT Mythic

                                You have to have Acrobat, and some of the options even require Acrobat Pro. The type of thing you have requested is not available in the free Reader, a different product.

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                                  Designer5847 Newcomer

                                  I have acrobat X pro. I created an editable form for in house use... like an invoice or estimate. After hours of searching I finally figured out how to flatten the document into a file that can be emailed as NON EDITABLE.(of course this plugin was not included with the original download) but nonetheless, I was happy.


                                  Well today I tried emailing one of these files and noticed the file size was HUGE.24 Mb!!!


                                  I've tried saving as reduced file size. I does not change. I've tried optimizing. Notta. PLEASE HELP!



                                  don't get me wrong... I love adobe products... but this software seems very cumbersome in performing simple tasks. I've spent hours hunting for answers.



                                  Saving as a low res, email friendly file should be almost automatic.......PDF 101. Is there something I'm missing? If so, why the HUNT?

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                                    George_Johnson Legend

                                    Did you create the form in Acrobat or LiveCycle Designer?

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                                      Designer5847 Newcomer

                                      Acrobat X Pro

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                                        Designer5847 Newcomer

                                        I originall posted a question about the file size of these PDF's Acrobat X produces. I looked for a couple of days and cannot figure out how to make these files smaller. Not to bash the software but it almost useless to have files this large when you are emailing PDF's.


                                        I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why the files are so big for my simple little invoice. That's all it is.  I produce large format high res graphics in PDF's and they are not this big. ( 24 MB )


                                        I realize this comparison is like apples and oranges but MS Word also has a save as PDF option produces nice and tidy lightweight PDF's that can be emailed. This file should be no more that 100kb, but it comes out of Acrobat @ 24 MB.????


                                        So if you are flattening the document and locking the form fields, it should be stripping any excess baggage. Is it the fonts embedded? If it is, then can the text  be outlined so that fonts are not necessary?


                                        Adobe has been around way too long not have thought of this, so i know it's probably something I'm missing, but it amazes there's no obvious fix or answers...except.... there is a "save as reduced size" option which sounds great, but it doesn't work!  The file comes out the same size??(&^&*(#%$^&!/ Someone had previously stated that it produced a file even larger than it's original size.


                                        Can some please help! Much appreciated.

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                                          George_Johnson Legend

                                          It's really hard to give specific help without seeing the file in question. I'd be happy to take a look if you can post it somewhere or are free to email it to me at: acroscript at gmail dot com

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                                            Designer5847 Newcomer

                                            OK. I have it narrowed down. It's definately fonts.I went to PDF optimizer. Then to audit space usage. It showws 99% of the file as FONTS. So I went back to the document and started stripping fields, fonts, Everthing....as a process of elimination. After stripping everything from the fille, the space usage still shows 99% fonts @ 24 MB.


                                            the only font embedded was arial. So Im guessing it's loading all of my system fonts with the file. Does this help?

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                                              George_Johnson Legend

                                              Yes, that helps a bit. When you set up the form fields did you use any fonts that are not in the basic list (Courier, Times, Helvetica, Symbol, Adobe Pi)? If so, how many different ones? After you removed things, did you perform a Save As, as opposed to just a Save?


                                              Here's how I would proceed if I were in this situation. Go back and recreate a brand new PDF from you source document. What it its size?


                                              Now add a single field and do a Save As. What is its size now?


                                              If you used just basic fonts, try copying some fields from the old form to the new and do a Save As. What is the size now and how much is due to fonts?

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                                                Designer5847 Newcomer

                                                I had created a new document before you sent that last reply and it worked. But it makes no sense. This software is kind of clunky. It behaves like an open source.


                                                So I went on a mission to determine how the files get so heavy, even with minimal fonts. I only had two fonts embeded and the file size was 25 MB. This is the part that didn't make sense. How is this possible? Starting all over may have fixed the problem, but didn't explain why it was a problem, thus could happen again.


                                                So after recreating the document, the file size was nice and light....   300 kb or so. So I started styling my form again, trying different fonts and such. And of course the file size began in increase again. Up to 1 M... then 1.7 M


                                                So in an effort to figure out why such dramatic increases, I started stripping fonts by editing fields and changing the fonts to arial. It did not effect the file size at all. The file remained 1.7M.



                                                So it seems like the more you mess with it, the more data it retains....SOMEWHERE. So every time I change a font, it adds to the file size. I just changed all of the fonts to Courrier. The first one on the list. Now the file size is 1.9 M.


                                                Interesting.... courrier is not in the list of embedded fonts.



                                                1) The more I play with the form, the bigger it gets, no matter what I delete or change.


                                                2) What is the difference between save and save as, if you are editing in the native file???


                                                3) When flattening fields and comments, shouldn't it reduce the file size?


                                                4) Is there a function to convert text to outlines, that way we are not dealing with fonts at all? This is adobe software right?


                                                5) Where can we edit or view the fonts contained in a native document, besides file, save as, optimized PDF?


                                                6) Is there a place where the document collects data that can be deleted?


                                                I sorry, but I'm really having a hard time with understanding why this software is doing what it doing. Why does the file size keep growing and growing.

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                                                  Bobh123us Newcomer

                                                  Something is seriously messed up with Acrobat. I have Acrobat X Pro. I had an xps file that I wanted to convert to pdf. It was 53 pages with some text and a lot of white space. The xps file was 471 KB. When I printed it to pdf, it was 30 MB! After trying both file-reduce size and optimizing the file size, it either increased to 37MB or did not decrease a single KB. I finally went to a web site that converts between xps and pdf. The pdf file it created was 1.1 MB. Visually it looks fine, the same as the xps file.


                                                  How can there be that much bloat in printing the pdf from the xps file, and how can the reduce file/optimize file not remove the bloat?

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                                                    EarthAngel86 Newcomer

                                                    I have Adobe Reader X and there's not an option to save as an "optimized pdf" so I still do not know how to downsize a pdf file... am I just out of luck?

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                                                      Bill@VT Mythic

                                                      Reader can not do any changes to the PDF as you are asking for. So yes, you are out of luck.

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                                                        MajoRegina31 Newcomer



                                                        I just tried this and it doesn't help. I have the same problem, a big pdf file (39 pages) that I need to send by email. I also remember Acrobat 9 had a function "Reduce File Size" where it actually reduced the size of the file, I used it hundres of times and from 5 or 20 MB files, it gave me 200Kb files, or so, that were perfect to attach to an email. But now there is no such function and saving it as an optimized pdf doesn't help at all. I have a 120 MB file and the "optimized pdf" weights exactly the same. There is one "Reduce File Size" option burried in the tools, where the action wizard is. You actually have to create a new action, selecting the function but I waited for quite a bit and the process bar didn't moved at all. Acrobat just shut down and restarted

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                                                          AMWriter Newcomer

                                                          Have been having this same problem trying to reduce file size . . . and with a little help from a colleague, have now realized what I was doing un-right.


                                                          In order to access the FILE / SAVE AS / REDUCED FILE SIZE command string, you must enter the document through the front door, i.e., by using the ADOBE icon on your desktop and actually entering Adobe Pro X (10) rather than entering via your drive mapped entrance to the document - which may well show you the document via the Adobe viewer.  Hence, reduced functionality. 

                                                          See if that works for you.


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                                                            beer-time Newcomer

                                                            Solved my problem and may help you...

                                                            on Mac with Adobe 9 Pro I create lots of documents with backgrounds and index.  Raw data file 2.5Mb Finished pdf 12 Mb.  On Win2008r2 Raw data 2.5Mb finished file 116Mb  !! WHAT !

                                                            After investigation on Win2008r2 follow exactly same proceedure of adding background and index and Save PDF file at 116Mb (a 4000 page invoice file).  Next do Save As - Reduce File Size  and from dropdown box select Adobe 9 and later compatibility.  The Win2008R2 server with 32Gb mem then grinds away for about 10 minutes and saves a new PDF of 5Mb, even less than the Mac although I never reduced the size on a Mac. The new PDF is then auto burst and e-mailed out as previously done on Mac.  The extra time involved is a pain for me but I cannot find a way around the above process.  Does not matter how I open document to process in Adobe X.

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                                                              jenniferkolanek Newcomer

                                                              For those trying to find this option in Acrobat XI it's under File > Save as Other. Way to go, Adobe, for once again taking a great, efficient tool and making it much harder to use. Also makes files twice as big as the old Reduce File Size option in Acrobat 9. Useless.

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                                                                kkkmail Newcomer

                                                                You can save the file as JPEG2000 (File -> SaveAs -> Image -> JPEG2000. And you can play aroung with resolution and compression as other people suggested earlier. Each page will be saved as a different file. Then create a new PDF from these files (File -> Create -> Combine Files into a Single PDF ). In Acrobat 9 I saw 10-20 times better compression than Reduce File. I did not not have a change to test that extensively in Acrobat 10, but simple test still resulted in a better compression.

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                                                                  mfriederick Newcomer

                                                                  I don't see this in any of the answers but the only way I have been able to reduce the size of the pdf is to do the following:

                                                                  1. Select the document
                                                                  2. Select the menu DOCUMENT
                                                                  3. Select the OPTIMIZED SCANNED PDF option

                                                                  I used the following options:  Deskew:  automatic, Background Removal: Low; Edge Shadow Removal: Cautious; Despeckle:  Low; Descreen: Automatic; Halo: on

                                                                  I just tried a 5.87 mb pdf and got it down to 387 kb.  I did not have images in the document.

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                                                                    hefferinc Newcomer

                                                                    For those who were having a problem with the fonts making the file size huge, I made a discovery.


                                                                    If you go to Save As Optimized PDF, it will pull up a PDF Optimizer box. Go to the fonts section.


                                                                    My document was embedding duplicate fonts every time I made an update.


                                                                    I unembedded all the duplicate fonts and saved. It reduced the file size from 10.8 MB to 2.5 MB

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                                                                      Bill@VT Mythic

                                                                      That is a good reason to try Save As rather than Save. Might solve the problem.

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                                                                        tracycatherine Newcomer

                                                                        Hi!  I have gone through and tried all these options, but when I try to save as a reduced file size or save as optimized PDF's, I get the following message:  This document restricts some Acrobat features to allow for extended features in Adobe Reader. To create a copy of the document that is not restricted (and has no extended features in Adobe Reader), click Save a Copy.  So, it sounds like I just can't do both...if I want people to be able to enter text in the form in reader, I can not save the file to a reduced size.  Is this correct?  Or is there another way?  When I try saving a copy and then reducing that file (which is already an extra step) it does reduce the size but barely. 



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                                                                          Bernd Alheit Mythic

                                                                          if I want people to be able to enter text in the form in reader, I can not save the file to a reduced size.  Is this correct?

                                                                          That is correct.

                                                                          • 35. Re: Reduce file size Acrobat X
                                                                            tracycatherine Newcomer

                                                                            Thanks Bernd.  It would be great to have that option in the future, if possible.

                                                                            • 36. Re: Reduce file size Acrobat X
                                                                              Bernd Alheit Mythic

                                                                              This is not possible.

                                                                              • 37. Re: Reduce file size Acrobat X
                                                                                Phillip M Jones Champion

                                                                                Why can't you create an unrestricted copy make the necessary reductions then add the restrictions again to the corrected copy.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Reduce file size Acrobat X
                                                                                  tracycatherine Newcomer

                                                                                  I can, it just doesn't reduce the file size much at all.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Reduce file size Acrobat X
                                                                                    Phillip M Jones Champion

                                                                                    Are you checking in Optimizer for Duplicate Font styles?

                                                                                    I have seen case where ther were duplicate of various font styles up to 10 times.

                                                                                    Each document needs only one copy and one copy only of each Font style.

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