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    Reader X on Win7 64-bit: Path Problems cause error





      Problem Description

      Workaround and Further Issues




      I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and just downloaded Reader X from the FTP - both exe and msi files.


      It doesn't make a difference which installer I use.


      Problem Description


      When I try to run Acrobat using the created shortcut on the desktop or by double-clicking on a .pdf file, I get this error, with the logo behind it:


      and then:


      and finally:


      If I debug, it actually works (with Visual Studio running).


      Workaround and Further Issues


      Deleting anything Adobe on the PC (AppData), installing, repairing doesn't help.


      If you run Reader from the installed folder directly, it works.

      If you modify the main shortcut (which doesn't include the working directory) it then works from the shortcut.

      Double clicking on any PDF file still brings up the error.

      Running the AcroRd32.exe file without path from the windows Run dialog works.


      The AppPaths registry setting kick in when running the bare AcroRd32.exe, which allow working directory specification.

      HKCR\.extension file associations have no way of specifying the working directory.

      Related HKCR\Applications settings also don't have a working directory specification.



      If I remove the path from the executable file in the various areas of the registry to try to emulate that behaviour (of setting working directory through the AppPaths entry), it doesn't help.


      I hope this contribution is helpful in solving the issue. In the meantime, I will have to revert to v9.