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    CS4 32bit & Wacom Intuos 3 - Intermittent Pressure Sensitivity




      First some stats:

      Photoshop CS4 32bit (v11.0.2)

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Wacom Intuos 3 (latest driver 6.1.6-7)


      My issue isn't that pressure sensitivity isn't working at all, its that it will fail intermittently. I can get about 4 strokes in and then the pen pressure jumps to 100%, creating a giant mark on the image. Drawing another several strokes and the pressure is fine until it happens again.


      I did notice that when I start PS with a mouse, that the grey exclamation mark shows up next to brush options that are set to 'pressure sensitivity' but as soon as I apply my stylus to the Wacom those all go away, though the issue does not.


      Pressure Sensitivity works properly in Illustrator CS4 and Corel Painter 11. Wacom informs me that the problem is application specific. I have flushed the preferences, reinstalled, tried a different pen, tried older drivers, and still no luck. I haven't seen anyone with quite this same issue either, so i thought I would ask here.