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    how do you record what you hear?


      i've been trying to figure out how to record from my sound card. i cant seem to figure it out how can i accomplish this?

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Generally, you'll need an OS-addin or application that enables you to re-route your audio chain.  On Windows, this has usually been available via an input option called "What You Hear" or "Stereo Mix" although this option is being hidden or disabled more and more due to pressure from content companies.  On Mac, I'm not aware of any built-in options, but applications such as SoundFlower allow you to route output to a virtual input.  While there have been problems in the past with SoundFlower making a mess of things, I understand it is better integrated in recent versions.  If you try it, please let us know your results.

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            mike_schoemig Level 1

            right, i forgot about sound flower i'll have to give that a shot. i just really hate downloading third party software. i'll let the forum no as so as i try it

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              I have the same question, didn't find something like windows' stereo mix on OSX 10. And not allowed to alter the input and output option.

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                mike_schoemig Level 1

                also sound flower is a bust just fyi unless im doing it wrong

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                  garethchen Level 1

                  Thx for the info. I actually don't wanna install sound flower onto my mac. Hopefully ADOBE will give an answer here or do some alternations on the audition beta.

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                    Ron_Day Adobe Employee

                    Hey Guys,


                    Soundflower is definitly the way to do this on Mac and I use it all the time on my Mac Pro and Macbooks. This is not something we can control within Audition as we can only record audio routed into the input selected.


                    Make sure you route your output through to Sounddflower and then use Soundflower as your input in Audtiion. That should work like a champ.



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                      Hi Mike, for Mac OS X there is a program called "Audio Hijack Pro" which will record anything that comes through your soundcard, then you can do all your editing with "Adobe Audition for Mac". Here is a link that allows you to download a demo version or you can purchase the full version




                      Hope that helps



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                        Scott Carver Level 1

                        Jack is also worth taking a look at for interapp routing. I use it regularly, and it works like a charm in Audition.




                        - Scott

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                          garethchen Level 1

                          Hey Ron


                          I don't know what's the bug within my Mac but I just couldn't install sound flower on my mac book pro. But "Jack" seems to work well.



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                            I am unbearably confused by this entire process. Work in radio, just need the ability to record what I hear for cuts using a multitude of players. I have tried sound flower, however it never installs correctly. Unless, someone can link a program that is complient with osx 10.6.4   I tried Jack Pilot but that rendered unsuccessful too (Well...to be completely honest, the whole situation confused me). Also, I know I can use Hijack...but i don't want to have to save a file, then reopen file using audition...just want to record directly off the internet...at the point of tears now...as my PC laughs at me.

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                              JGrabowMST Level 1

                              This is a touchy subject, but to hopefully clear up most of it, the feature is not really related to Audition itself.


                              Even in a Windows environment, this feature is actually dependent on your audio drivers supporting the feature. Not all drivers support the feature, and the drivers that do support it, do not support it in the same way for every application.


                              I've never seen the feature "Record what you hear" under any name offered by Mac drivers for any interface. To be honest, even with a Windows based setup, I've always used a hardware workaround, using a stereo audio splitter from the output to the input to allow me to "record what i hear."


                              It's the least complicated way, but requires the audio hardware to be set up in a particular way, and is actually best done with a mixer setup.

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                                Ron_Day Adobe Employee

                                Hey Everyone,


                                For anyone having trouble with the process of recording audio into Audition (or any audio application on Mac actually), I thought I would create a step-by-step guide for using Soundflower. I choose Soundflower because it has always worked well for me, but as Scott has mentioned there are other applications that allow this as well.


                                Here goes...


                                1. Download and install Soundflower from here:



                                2. Once you have installed it (and rebooted the machine), you can then go into your main “Audio” preferences for the Mac (which can be found under System Preferences > Sound).

                                3. Click on the Output tab and set the output to “Soundflower (2ch)” (this sends all audio playback on the Mac through Soundflower)
                                4. Open Audition and go to Preferences > Audio Hardware.

                                5. Set the Default Input to "Soundflower (2ch)" (now that all audio is routed through to Soundflower, Audition will capture that)
                                6. If you want to listen to what is playing through Soundflower, just launch the application called “Soundflower Bed” (which will place a flower icon in the Apple menubar).

                                7. Click the flower icon and choose to route the output from Soundflower through to the Built-in Output (or whatever output you happen to be sending audio through).


                                I hope this helps!



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                                  TBPlayer1950 Level 1

                                  Thank you very much for that info Ron, it makes it even easier than using Audio Hijack Pro because the file is ready to be edited immediately in Adobe Audition. Your instructions worked perfectly 



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                                    Thanks for that guide Ron, it was really useful. The problem I'm having now is that my Built-in Output (I'm using an iMac so the built in bottom speakers) seem to be blasting audio REALLY loud - to an extent where I'm worried that the speakers themselves might get damaged.


                                    When playing through soundflower, adjustments to the 'volume' (through the volume icon at the top right) made very little significant difference, until of course it hit zero where it muted the audio. Then, as an experiment when switching back to just the built-in audio output, although the volume control was more precise, the top volume level really is exceedingly loud. After uninstalling Soundflower, and re-booting the machine my built-in speakers still seem a great deal louder than they originally were - is there anything I can do here, preferably with the outcome me being able to re-download Soundflower and route audio back into Audition?


                                    Thanks a lot guys