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    Reader X: DDE Open command can open Reader but not open a specified target PDF

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      Once again Adobe has issued an update which breaks existing business systems. After the fiasco of Reader 9.3.4 failing to open external files such as SWF or XLS, the new Reader X is not opening the requested PDF when called via DDE.


      The Reader X always opens with a "What do you want to do?" panel, offering various manually selected actions. What is required is for the Reader to open the PDF file specified in the DDE call, as it has done in all previous versions.


      Is there a fix for this, or an alternative calling mechanism?


      We have an external application which allows students to navigate around the various modules and lessons within their course. When they select a lesson, a DDE call is raised to request the appropriate lesson PDF to open in Reader. The external program uses a small floating, semi-transparent form, which allows easy lesson selection, automatic bookmarking and other functions. This functionality could not be achieved with simple PDF full of hyperlinks to the lessons. 


      The further problem is that many hundreds of these various courses are already in use by students around the world. We cannot easily prevent them from accepting upgrades to Reader X, nor supply them all with an alternative control method. All we can do is suggest anyone experiencing this problem to dump the new version and download version 9.4


      Has anyone any ideas to fix the broken functionality in Reader X, or a satisfactory way to work around this failure ?





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