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    Textbox shows xml text in working file but now when loaded into another SWF


      Hi all,


      I have downloaded an xml gallery (as2) as we needed one for an old as2 file. Now I mostly use as3 but thought as I only needed to tweak it there would be no probs. Of course, it rarely works out that way. The problem is, text loaded from the xml file is displayed with its corresponding image. This works fine in the file. When I load the SWF into another SWF however, it all works EXCEPT the text doesn't show at all?? Whoever made the gallery used 'device fonts' in the textbox, I don't know if this has anything to do with it. I tried changing the textbox to dynamic and embedding characters but still nothing.


      This seems the key line -


      _root.descmc.desc.htmlText = XMLdaten[number];


      I have also tried


      _root.descmc.desc.htmlText = XMLdaten[number].firstChild;


      This traces out the correct xml data when tested so it is finding it okay.


      Any help would be much appreciated.