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    InDesign Actions

    dtpartner_Suzz Level 1
      Make Actions in InDesign (like in Illustrator and Photoshop)
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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
          This is something I've wished for from time to time.

          InDesign allows for scripts, which are far more powerful that simple actions, and you can use the transform again commands to repeat what you just did, but there is no way to record a sequence of operations and save them for later re-use, which would be a real bonus for the non-scripters among us.

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            Level 1
            You are so right "there is no way to record a sequence of operations and save them for later re-use, which would be a real bonus for the non-scripters among us." I'm constantly running into cases where I want to create an action, like I used to be able to, where I can save a series of keystrokes to reuse.

            Why in the world would Adobe discontinue this useful capability??

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              Scott Falkner Level 5
              > Why in the world would Adobe discontinue this useful capability?

              I don't believe they did. Actions have never been a feature of InDesign.
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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                > Why in the world would Adobe discontinue this useful capability??

                You can't discontinue something that never existed. You must be thinking
                about something else.

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                  ascript_guy Level 1

                  If you are working on a Mac, Applescript isn't that hard.  I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack and I can do it.  Start by opening up some of the supplied scripts in Script Editor.  There are Applescripts that are very complex, but an "action" script is usually limited in scope and simple.  Do you have an example Action that you'd like to have?

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                    dtpartner_Suzz Level 1

                    Placed a Word document with mathamatic formulas which origanally came from Scientific Workplace (This program is based on Latex).

                    All formulas are inline graphics AND imbedded .eps files.


                    The .eps files need to bee unembed in the link panel menu

                    In the folowing Popup shows the text "Unembed file ... Do you want to link to the original files"

                    Answer: Yes

                    The dialog Choose a Folder follows. Then you need to choose or create a folder.

                    Answer: Choose

                    Followed by selecting the inline graphic in InDesign

                    Palet menu Links choose Edit Original

                    The .eps file will be opened in Illustrator

                    In Illustrator i allready made some Actions

                    After editing the eps file in Illustrator i go back to InDesign

                    Relink the files in het Links panel


                    With a few hundred formulas (imbedded inline graphics) you can understand that it whould be great to have Actions in InDesign. But if you think it is possible to make a script... Just let me know...

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                      Hipzone Level 1

                      Does the upcoming CS5 have actions? Is there a automated way of

                      exporting to ePub?

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Nobody participating in thei s forum is in a position ot be able to answer questions about what might or might not be included in any future release. We'll all have to wait for the public announcements.

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                          lightal65 Level 1

                          I totally agree. We need actions in InDesign - scripting is way too complex (and I'm a web designer who writes JS!). Photoshop has had them for years, and they are absolutely wonderful.

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                            Jo_si_ah Level 1

                            +1 for Actions in InDesign.  Or perhaps a "script recorder" that let you see how to accomplish actions via javascript or whatever language you choose.


                            I need to import an XML file, export pdf, import a different XML, export pdf, etc etc 150 times.

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                              nope0000 Level 1

                              There is a server version for Indesign. Maybee the reason for this.

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                                MAmanogabriel1 Level 1

                                Actions are a time saver in Photoshop. Don´t know why they doesn´t exist in InDesign. I need to place 235 tables from illustrator: Place, scale 65%, rotate 90° and center on page... 235 times!

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                                  nope0000 Level 1

                                  if you need to do this more than one time you will be faster if you write a script that does it instead of doing it manually each time.

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                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                    If you are doing the same transformations repeatedly, you can do one frame, then select as many more as possible (i.e, the rest that are on the spread or all that are on another spread), then Object > Transform > Transform Again > Transform Sequence Again Individually. This is not quite as nice as an action, but comes fairly close, and you can edit the keyboard shortcuts to assigne a shortcut to the command if yo need to use it a lot.

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                                      abelcher1987 Level 1

                                      There is an action script recorder out there, by Rorohiko nonetheless.  However you'll have to fork over $100 for it.



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                                        elaineg94828332 Level 1

                                        It's 2015 and some of us continue to wish for actions in InDesign. I've read the apple scripting tute from start to finish and searched dozens of forums and I still can't accomplish the simplest tasks. Did you ever get it to do what you wanted?

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                                          crystalallandale Level 1

                                          +1 Agreed. It's 2016 and there is still no way to do this? Doesn't Microsoft Word have a macro recorder? How about answering user requests instead of adding feature bloat? Or fixing some bugs? I love Indesign but come on Adobe, listen to your users....

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                                            AnticaPress Level 1

                                            PLEASE!!!  It's a fantastic feature in Microsoft Office - because you can record a Macro so that you don't just have to magically know what all the variables are called, and then edit to your heart's content.


                                            I'm about to place text anchors and hyperlinks for 432 endnotes... IF ONLY I could just record what I was doing one time, then I could easily write a script to repeat. Sigh.


                                            I think I'm going to call Adobe and have them tell me all the variable names I need, and express this desire.