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    Flash 10.1 Randomly going corrupt




      I am a technician with a school district.  This summer most of the computers in our schools were re-imaged with our latest images, which includes flash 10.1.53 Active X.  We are now getting tons of calls from schools reporting that Flash Player is not installed.  The funny thing is, its just happening on random computers (ie: in a lab of 30 computers, only 5 are affected).


      When we try to uninstall/re-install Flash with the MSI package, the installer completes but Flash still does not function.  The only way we have found to fix this is to log into each computer and re-install Flash by going to adobe.com and installing via the web site.


      1)  Is this a known issue with 10.1.53? 


      2) Is there an easier way to fix each computer?  We use SCCM to push software packages and images, but like I said, the MSI installer does not remedy the issue on the computer.


      3) Are there some things that I could specifically look for on these computers (ie: some sort of log file) that may explain whats happening?


      Other info that may be helpful, we are running Windows XP, IE8 and NOD32.  This issue seems to be affecting multiple different images we use.  Our users do not have administrative rights.