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    Premiere update to 5.0.2 and non 5.0.3




      next week i'll upgrade to cs5 i've premiere cs5 but i'm waiting to receive nvidia card 470 before to upgrade from cs4 to cs5



      i'm also using matroxn rtx2 hd, so that's my  problem


      matrox say to upadate to premiere 5.0.2 and non to 5.0.3  because  they have not tested again matrox rtx2 (with their drive 5.0) with the new premiere 5.0.3


      so i would like to know if it's possibile to upgrade premiere to 5.0.2 and not to 5.0.3,


      Can i choose the relase i want to upgrade ?  or when i stard to upgrade premier automatically it's going to 5.0.3 ?


      whati i have to do?