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    Watercolor Filter?


      Is a watercolor filter available for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?


      My dad would like some photo-editing software for Christmas and his one requirement is that it has a water color filter.  Personally, I would prefer to get him Lightroom 3 over the other products because it seems to have a lot more versatility for actual high quality photo-editing, but I don't know if a water color filter is available for this product.



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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No. You would be better looking at Photoshop Elements 9

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            bnbwalt Level 2

            Lightroom does not have "filters" in the sense that Photoshop and Elements do.  What you want to achieve, I think, is add an effect that makes the image look like a watercolor painting.


            You might be able to find a preset that would do it but I think to be able to do what your father wants, you need to get a program that allows for adjustment of the effect to their taste.  For that, I would go with Photoshop or Elements.  Since all he wants is the one feature, Elements is the least expensive way to go and the easiest to learn.




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              Manlius10A Level 1

              Thanks for your help guys!!  I have to remember that I am buying for him and not myself, lol!

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                Agnus1 Level 1

                If he has a basic editing program already, you might take a look at Virtual Painter. It is very simple, but effective and fun. Corel Painter is a good painting program too. Does he have a need for an orgainzer for his photos? Check out FastStone Image Viewer for a good free option for someone who may not need all of the functions of Lightroom.

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