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    CSS: cannot make <h2> style display with "normal" font-weight in Firefox

    perttime Level 1

      I need to get rid of all bold styling, except for <H1> headings, in the Chinese versions of my helps. Why? Because bold characters in Chinese get blurry unless they are really big.


      I can do most of it in the 'styles.css' file we are using: replace "font-weight:bold;" with "font-weight:normal;".


      The only hang-up is, in Firefox the <h2> style still displays bold. We also have other h2 derivatives like <h2 class="NoteTipHeading"> and those obey our 'styles.css' OK.


      Looks like Robohelp creates a second stylesheet into the output: 'styles_ns.css' and changes h2 back to bold there. So Firefox must be using that(?)


      My temporary solution has been to change <h2> tags to <p> in the three Chinese variants I maintain. Not really neat and it is another thing to watch out for when we get new translations.


      Any ideas? I wish there were something I could do to this in help resources and not the help output or RH program files.


      (Using RH7 7.02)