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    Custom Combobox within an ItemRenderer




      I've created a Datalist, and within the ItemRendered, I embedded a custom combobox (a custom component made up of a toggle button + a datalist).

      The combobox panel is exceeding the height of the ItemRenderer when the state is at "Down" so the height of my ItemRenderer is higher than the height of its background.

      As a result there is an empty area between each itemRenderer.


      I set the height of the custom combobox to its minimal value, there isn't an empty area anymore but the combobox panel is cropped when it's down (it doesn't go over the next itemRenderer).


      I tried the same configuration with a Spark Combobox in Flash Builder Burrito (a Spark Combo within the ItemRenderer of a Spark List) and I didn't encounter any issue.


      I'm working with Catalyt Panini.


      Does someone know how to proceed so that my combobox goes over the itemRenderer without enlarge its height ?


      Hoping I was clear.