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    Java Error When Publishing


      So I have an applicational prototype that I need to have out by the end of the day today, and all of a sudden Flash Catalyst states that the project cannot be published due to an error. It also said to check the Code view to see what's wrong. Yesterday it did say that the error was a "Java Heap Space" error, but today there is absolutely nothing in the problems listing even though it still outputs that there's an error when publishing the project.


      The prototype builds and runs in the browser just fine, but it's publishing that becomes the problem. I am not a Flex developer by any means, but as a user experience designer, I understand how to edit some of the coding, so if anyone could shed some light on this, I will do my best to fix the problem with any solutions that will work.


      I appreciate the help guys!


      -- Rick

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Rick,


          You've hit a bug in Flash Catalyst. Unfortunately, the error message doesn't tell you this, but FC is never suppost to write code that prevents you from publishing. So it's not your fault. The problems panel is there to help us diagnose the bug that you're hitting.


          Does your project still fail to publish? If so, can you post it on the forum so I can check it out?



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            Is there a way to get around this - such as publish the catalyst file in Flash Builder?

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              danjahson Level 1

              I am getting the same problem, and I cant seem to find the error in the application. I know that the file is crazy big. I am going to try to optimize images and file structure. I have crashed frequently, so I save ever few minutes. I don't try to recover anything, this usually makes the file bigger and might be contributing to the problems I am having.

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                I am having this exact thing happen to me as well. As I was creating the project I published it about half way thru completing the project and it worked fine. I have now fully completeted the project and it is giving me an error everytime I try and publish it, Screen shot 2010-05-15 at 4.29.10 PM.png

                but when I look in the problems pannel there is nothing there...

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                  Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                  Hey All,

                  There shouldn't be any errors in your project, and if there are, there could be an underlying bug.

                  If you can email me the fxp file I'd love to take a look.

                  tarfeene (at) adobe (dot) com



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                    I was serching for this problem becouse now when i was creating the problem and i published stop and say the same as the link below the same screen with this .


                    Adoble flash catalyst cannot publish this project becouse of an error in the code .To find the error , switch to the code workspace and look into the problems panel.


                    I check for the problem and theres nothing that says error or problem in there , Idont know what o do please help me .



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                      Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                      Please post the file online using a service such as google docs or acrobat.com. Then either post a link or PM it to me.

                      Then we can take a look at your FXP and see what is causing the problem.

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                        Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                        To the original poster, Rick:


                        If you're seeing a "Java Heap Space" error message, this is a (not very user-friendly) way of the program telling you it's running out of memory.  Catalyst tries to detect and warn you when your project is getting too large, but it's not always perfect.


                        Did you see any warnings about the size of the images you've imported into your project?  Very large images can certianly be one source of problems.


                        Here are a few tips for dealing with large images:

                        • Resize them to be smaller using a another app like Photoshop, before you import into Catalyst.  Shoot for a file size of 100-300 KB at the most, for very large "gallery"-style photos.  Other images should be < 100 KB (remember, people viewing your site will have to download all this).
                        • In Catalyst, when you're done shrinking down an image to the right size, choose Optimize Artwork > Rasterize in the heads-up display to "lock in" the smaller size.
                        • In Catalyst, choose Optimize Artwork > Convert to Linked Image for any especially large photos.  This can speed up the initial load time of your site, and it will also help avoid memory problems when publishing.


                        Hope that helps!

                        - Peter

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                          Anne Jevne

                          Same problem. This is really bad considering the time I have left to hand in the work and the fact that the very reason I bought the CS5 was because of the Flash Castalyst. Tara, can I send you my fxp file? Cheers.