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    'Conforming' Media - What Is That All About?

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      I've got 5 Premiere CS5 projects that are UK PAL WS containing a mixture of 1080i and XD CAM footage (the original footage is HD but I want SD output). My system is an Intel Quad Core running Windows 7.

      I also have a 'master' project that incorporates these five sequences which I then link to Encore for the production of a DVD.


      Anyway, for some reason (and this is why I am posting this), one of the sequences persistently runs the message 'Conforming' fileXD CAM.mpeg in the bottom right hand corner. Sometimes when I load the master project (or the individual project), this process completes itself successfully, sometimes I get an error message in the form of a red 'cross' bottom right and no audio.

      It's frustrating me because I've burnt a disc before I realsied what was going on and the audio from this file in the sequence is missing.

      So can anyone help me to understand why this happening, why this one project / sequence is behaving this way when the other four are fine and why the audio is missing form the DVD?

      Many thannks,