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    Does faster memory make a difference?

    Eva Pilcher



      I'm currently building my new system (middle of the road, around 1500€, mainly for AE CS5) and I have a specific question regarding memory:

      does it make sense to invest in more expensive/faster RAM (1600MHz instead of 1333?)?


      what I had in mind until now were 24Gb (2x DIMM DDR3 12GB PC3-10667 CL9 Kingston Value Kits). now I heard that the kingston value kits might be more unrelieable and slower than brands like ocz or g.skill and I'm thinking about getting for instance 2 x DIMM DDR3 12GB PC3-12800 CL8, OCZ Gold Kits.


      the difference in cost is quite a bit, so do you think it is worth it and one is going to notice a significant difference in speed?

      what other RAM kits could you suggest?


      thanks, eva