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    Strange behaviour...

    Luke Flegg Level 1

      I often feel like my life is cursed with bad luck from the gods of Adobe.


      I've just upgraded to CS5 and after discovering my GTX480 isn't officially supported (forcing me to use the hack if I want to edit properly) I've found these things:


      Importing 1,500 clips for my feature documentary edit makes Premiere hang (5 mins later it gave a progress bar for import but 5-10 mins later and everything stopped responding.)


      It's now about 30 minutes since I imported the clips I want to edit.

      I can't understand this, it's a fresh install on a good computer!



      Thank you,


      i7 920 D0


      6GB dominator

      SSD system

      SATA HDDs video

      CS5 upgrade

      Win7 64bit


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          shooternz Level 6

          Do a test.


          Import 100-200 clips.


          Maybe then bring them in , in batches until you get a crash..


          BTW - what sort of clips are we talking about here?

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            Luke Flegg Level 1



            Yes, this is what support have just suggested on the phone.


            they're XDCAM EX, imported through the media browser...


            I can't understand why cutting edge Adobe technology can't do something very simple like import a pretty standard number of clips (for a feature documentary) and instead I have to do a work around... Surely Premiere could automatically queue the importing itself into batches?!

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              anuraggrwl Level 2


              1. The files that you are importing in encore are on local hard drive or external hardrive. If they are on external hardrive copy them on local drive before importing.

              2. Make sure no other application is running in the background.


              Required Info-

              1. Whats the total size of 1500 files that you are trying to Import?

              2.. Is your content HD or SD ?

              3. have tried importing 100-200 files in one go? did it imported?

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                hhansard Level 1

                There is a thread on importing a large number of clibs using the browser...




                To make a long story short: don't use the browser.

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                  Luke Flegg Level 1

                  If I switch to firefox or anything and straight back to Premiere CS5, it's unresponsive for 15 minutes!


                  14hrs of video in the timeline


                  XDCAM EX footage imported with media browser


                  System drive is Intel SSD
                  Video is on SATA hdds
                  Win7 64bit
                  6GB Corsair ram
                  i7 920 D0
                  no sound card (cause it doesn't fit) using onboard SoundMAX
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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Do not switch to any other program while using PPro... do not even have anything else open in the background


                    Video editing puts a large load on any system, and it is best that PPro be the only program open

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                      Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I don't see that you said or that anyone asked:  have you installed the 5.02 and 5.03 updates?

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                        akribie Level 2

                        I wonder if Premiere is busy conforming all that audio?

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                          shooternz Level 6
                          14hrs of video in the timeline




                          Tell me that you dont actually have "14 hrs of video"....  actually on the timeline!

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                            Kona Bob Level 2

                            Oh, yeah...

                            Importing 14 hrs of footage is a pretty big gulp.

                            There's lots of stuff going on in the background during import- like audio conform, etc.

                            I have projects with 1,000+ clips, but the total length is never more than maybe 4-6 hrs. tops, plus the actual import is usually only one card at a time. Also, I've never dumped the whole shebang on the timeline all at once.

                            You may be going where no man has gone before...

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                              Luke Flegg Level 1

                              Hello, thanks for the posts-


                              Yes it's 14.5hrs on one timeline; is there a better way of going through all the footage quickly?

                              I 'lift' clips that I like to a higher video track and copy/paste them into a new timeline; then I can always return to the Rushes timeline and easily get something more (and it's clear what I have and haven't used)


                              It doesn't seem to have done any conforming.. at least for some reason I haven't spotted it doing so in the bottom right corner as it usually does...


                              It's fully updated; 5.03


                              Switching to other apps: Fair enough. Just seems a bit silly that jumping for brief moment to Notepad for example and stright back to Premiere makes it load something all over again, for 15 minutes.


                              hhansard: Thanks, I'm looking through it now. Do you think I should remove all clips and reimport the directory through File > Import > Directory?

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                                shooternz Level 6
                                Yes it's 14.5hrs on one timeline; is there a better way of going through all the footage quickly?


                                Well maybe not as quickly as scrubbing a timeline but if  it is causing you issues  ...it cant be much of an editing experience.


                                (Dont know how you can even absorb 14.5 hours of materail in one timeline!)


                                I work from the Source Monitor, log my shots so I am familiar with my material ...then I build the shots (In and Out points) to the sequence.


                                I would build a long project in sections also.


                                Kind of traditional workflow and as per film editing on a bench (with Non Linear advantages)


                                There should be no issues switching out to Note Pad ( or any of the apps in the Suite)

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                                  Luke Flegg Level 1

                                  I just don't know what to do now.


                                  I've spent the whole day trying to make a single cut, and I've failed.


                                  I've tried pulling the whole BPAV folder in with File > Import Folder but after the progress bar completed, it's hung for over an hour.

                                  I'm really losing hope in Adobe and feel no option but to learn another platform, which feels like a waste (to understate) of the last 6 years learning it.

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                                    shooternz Level 6
                                    I just don't know what to do now.


                                    What have you tried and where are you at?


                                    Are you saying you cant make one edit on an empty timeline from a single clip?

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                                      Luke Flegg Level 1



                                      I've tried changing a few settings, restarting, holding shift when I open Premiere...

                                      Tried the importing BPAV folder...


                                      I've only tried with all 1,500 clips (averaging 20 seconds) I think single clips would work.


                                      Not sure if it's relevant: footage is 720/60p

                                      Dropped into 25p timeline. (Yellow render line with the GTX480 work around)



                                      Everything is fine in my test project in which I only imported 6 clips (otherwise all the same)... unfortunately, I have to edit a feature length documentary shot over 6 weeks and so there are a lot of shots (albeit mostly very short) and I thought a powerful desktop PC and Adobe's latest software would have no trouble with it

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                                        Luke Flegg Level 1

                                        Does anyone know what Premiere is actually doing when we switch back to it from another program?


                                        With these 6 clips it's still unresponsive for about 2 seconds; it seems to literally multiply that with each clip you add, so a pretty average 600 clip edit would take 200 seconds to respond when you return to it...

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                                          shooternz Level 6

                                          Not sure if it's relevant: footage is 720/60p

                                          Dropped into 25p timeline.






                                          Are you still working off a long 14 hr timeline?

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                                            Luke Flegg Level 1

                                            I shot the doc in 60p but edit in a 25p timeline. It makes no difference in practice, just means if I ever want to slow down footage (which I like to quite often!) then I have the option because it doesn't repeat frames, so looks silky smooth;

                                            Yes, I'm still talking about/problem solving the 14h timeline

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                                              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                              I'm having a little trouble following this, so forgive me if I ask something that has been covered.

                                              Does anyone know what Premiere is actually doing when we switch back to it from another program?

                                              I thought the bad version of this problem was fixed with the 5.02 update.  I do recall some antivirus programs were a problem.  Do you have antivirus running?


                                              Regarding your computer, you reported your specs above, and I realized I am confused.  You listed in part:


                                              6GB dominator

                                              SSD system


                                              I assumed the 6GB was RAM.  Is it?  If so, that is a weakness.  Curiosity: does the GTX480 help with conforming?

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                                                Luke Flegg Level 1

                                                You think 6GB is a bottleneck?

                                                I couldn't quite afford the 12GB so went for 3 decent sticks of 6GB...


                                                Prem only uses 2GB with my troublemaking project, so almost half is spare. You think if I had 12GB it'd use more and work better?


                                                Conforming what, audio? I wouldn't have thought so, but I haven't tried CS5 without it so couldn't say.

                                                It hasn't been conforming audio on this project and I don't *think* it should unless your sequence settings are different to your footage..?

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                                                  shooternz Level 6

                                                  Lose the 14.5 hr timeline !.


                                                  I mean ... clear the entire timeline (Sequence actually) .  ie. Do Not start a new  sequence  in the same project.


                                                  Edit it like a pro and see if it works better.


                                                  Actually ... I would start a brand new project and clear prefs, render files etc.  Maybe even a defrag.


                                                  I would re import the source files to the HD and everything.


                                                  You got nothing to lose 'cos you are getting nowhere doing it your way.

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                                                    Luke Flegg Level 1

                                                    Would anybody like to inspect my setup with remote assitance and see if they find any clues that I haven't spotted?


                                                    I find this a little strange too; over the last week (during which I have installed the GTX480 and removed the X-Fi gamer sound card [which no longer fits!]) the primary hard disk subscore has dramatically dropped from 7.6(?) out of 7.9;

                                                    being a good SSD it surely shouldn't have the score below and thus be a bottleneck?


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                                                      Luke Flegg Level 1

                                                      Hey shooternz,


                                                      How do I clear prefs and render files in a brand new project? I didn't think new projects had render files...not sure about prefs...


                                                      Disk is only 3% fragmented (defrag's recommended after 30%..? or worse)


                                                      Can you explain what you mean by reimport source files to hdd? With clip browser or without?

                                                      I did a checksum on the files and they're identical to the source (an external USB hard drive)...


                                                      I'm thinking of a full uninstall, Adobe cleaning utility, restart and cs5 (which is an upgrade) install...

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                                                        hhansard Level 1

                                                        General points:

                                                        1.       14+ hrs of footage is enormous.

                                                        2.       There are a couple of very good threads on disk/system configuration for large PP projects.  You should review them prior to attempting anything this large.

                                                        3.       Try to divide your project into smaller chunks --- do you really need all 14 hrs available at once?

                                                        4.       6GB of RAM is not enough for a project even ½ this size (think 12 or 24GB).

                                                        5.       There are some good threads on performance monitoring/tuning.  You should review them to see where your horsepower is being allocated.  Taskman/perfmon will not tell you the entire story.


                                                        Clear presets (there is a thread on this).  You do not need to reinstall.

                                                        Create new project

                                                        Import 200 clips that are stored locally on internal storage (do not use browser)

                                                        Edit and Export

                                                        If all is working well, import another 200, edit/export

                                                        Keep going to see how far you can get until your system starts to choke – I bet well below 1,500

                                                        You can change input focus to other apps (like notepad).  You will experience some delay, but not huge.  Wait until all importing/conforming/etc are done prior to switching focus.  Do not run large programs at the same time (no PS, AE, LR, etc).  Just PP and a couple of small things are fine.

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                                                          Kona Bob Level 2

                                                          Some really good advice in the last post.

                                                          No problem to import to system with clip browser, but I would import each card into a seperate folder, rather than having all 14 hrs in one folder.

                                                          CS5 is VERY RAM hungry. I had 12GB and it seemed OK- would use only 6-8GB max. Then I upped to 24GB. Now PPro will use 12-14BG max.and definitely is faster, smoother, more stable. So, I'm thinking 6GB is surely inadequate for this level of project.

                                                          Everyone has their own tricks for organizing and handling media, but a simple method in the project window is to put related clips into labeled bins:

                                                          001 Sally's Funeral, 002 That Evening, 003..., and maybe just move through importation one SxS card's worth at a time.

                                                          It seems very tedious to spend all the time organizing in such detail- but it's absolutely essential, particularly for a big project.

                                                          Often I will open up a "clip preview" sequence and dump a bin's worth of clips on it. I can preview the clips and copy & paste the desired ones to the rough assembly sequence. When finished, clear the preview sequence and add another bin's worth.

                                                          For big, long projects, it's not rare to edit it as "reels" like a feature film. Maybe each reel 15 min length and set up as seperate projects. Then assemble the edited reels as a complete movie.

                                                          Doing a very big project requires a different strategy than a 10 min. short.

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                                                            Luke Flegg Level 1

                                                            Thank you guys.


                                                            I guess I was kinda naive to think I could edit my usual way of dumping all the rushes in a timeline. It's just nice to get a super-fast overview and pick out shots with the page up/down keys such as cutaways and stick them all on another track or in another bin.


                                                            Just part of me is still calling out in the back of my mind..saying how much better competing software has been in many areas, like Vegas, with mixed formats and compressed formats, and generally less bugs... It's hard to know if we're demanding a lot of Premiere...



                                                            Very intersting about the RAM. I guess I'll have to move up to 12GB then! I wish I had (any) money. Anyone need a Cinematographer or Gaffer!?


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                                                              hhansard Level 1

                                                              KB, a small note...  there was just a thread on large PP projects.  re: importing lots of assets via browser can bog things down...  have not experienced it myself, but some others have.  see the thread i referenced on browser import a couple of messages back.  H

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