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    Transcoding process suggestions

    elootoo Community Member

      My projects are ballet performances, typically 30 to 70 minutes, and I have several such sequences in a project.  When I use certain plugins in Premiere Pro (Neat noise reduction and Color Finesse), and use Adobe Dynamic Link in Encore CS5, the transcoding time is very long, typically days.The build progress box shows inadequate information.  All it shows is that it is transcoding a Premiere Pro project, but nothing else.  In my opinion, it should show:

      * which sequences have been transcoded

      * which sequence is currently being transcoded

      * which sequences remain to be transcoded

      * estimated time for total transcoding, or for at least the current sequence.

      Alternatively, the build progress box should have a PAUSE button to let me look at the project panel and determine that way which sequences have been transcoded.

      The reason for these suggestions is that sometime, because of other work priorities, I need to stop Encore.  But I never know if waiting a few more minutes or even a couple of hours would have allows a particular sequence to finish being transcoded. Stopping arbitrarily can cause a significant waste of time.

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          Stan Jones ACP/MVP

          Don't forget to also submit a feature request.  You can include a link to this thread.


          Are you setting Encore CS5 to use ame to transcode?  I think it gives you a bit more info than you describe, and its faster!  I have not tried to pause it.

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            elootoo Community Member

            I have not used ame for transcoding.  The main time bandit is the two PPro

            plug-ins I mentioned -- Neat  noise reduction and Color Finesse.  However, I

            will try ame to see if it gives me more information, and if it allows me to

            pause or to even see the project info without stopping the transcoding.

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              Stan Jones ACP/MVP

              Let us know.  Encore preferences, general tab.


              I don't recall what it shows, I'm pretty sure it is part, but not all, of what you want.  I don't know if I care about the pause, but I'd like more information, including projected time left for the current transcode and the whole queue..

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                elootoo Community Member

                Turns out that the General tab of Encore preferences includes a box to set

                transcoding by ame.  This box had been checked, although I didn't remember

                ame being used. 


                So I fired up one of my projects again, reverted the sequences to original,

                and set one of them to "transcode now". This opened ame which shows all the

                information I wanted.  And since ame is a separate program from Encore, I

                was able to look at all the Encore info as well.


                Since this was a test, I aborted the ame action, and instead just triggered

                a "build" in Encore.  This time, the Encore transcode function was used not

                ame, despite the fact that the preference was set to use ame.


                In other words, if you go straight to "build" without previously

                transcoding, ame is not used despite the preference setting, and details are

                sadly lacking.  However, if you force transcoding before doing a build, ame

                is used, and lots of info is available.


                So perhaps the suggested feature is to ensure that ame is used for

                transcoding when doing a build provided the ame box is checked in the

                general preferences.

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                  Stan Jones ACP/MVP

                  My guess is that the use of AME for "transcode now" but the Encore Transcoder when doing a "build" is probably because the whole Encore app is built on the sonic authorcore.  Adobe can probably control what happens with "transcode now," but not (or not easily) what happens with "build."


                  I prefer doing the transcode now anyway, because I think it reduces the likelihood of error, or if not, makes the errors easier to pin down.


                  Glad this gets you closer to your goal.  I used CS3 extensively, briefly CS4, and now CS5.  I'm liking each of the features added in each revision.  And more work for Adobe to do!