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    Layered sequence creates a flashing image

    thatblokeoffthetelly Level 1

      I've successfully been layering multiple copies of the same clip to produce some interesting visuals.

      With 1 section only the layering produces a flashing image, as if brightness/contrast levels are varying.

      My first thought was that they were slightly out of time, so I duplicated the top layer, got rid of the bottom one (there are only two). Then pasted in the copy and applied the old settings from the previous layer, but.. still got the flashing.

      Now I've used this effect on all surrounding footage, which was filmed in the same location, and there's no problem.

      What would cause this to happen?


      Effects used:


      Color Balance

      Color Balance



      Plz bear in mind this occurs on only one of multiple clips and they all use these effects