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    PRE9 timeline duration limit?


      Is there a pre9 timeline duration limit?   When I hit 24 hours, the timeline counter reset to 0 at the 24 hour mark and started incrementing again going forward.  It still allowed me to continue to add video however I discovered that around the first 22 hours it no longer allowed me to move any clips from video 1 to video 2.  I could no longer even move clips at the beginning of the timeline.   Everything was in effect locked down.   I could keep adding more and could cut clips but I could not move any clip on the entire timeline from video 1 to video 2.  When I deleted video in this same timeline to again be back around 22 hours, then I could again move any clip from video 1 to video 2.  I can't find any clear info as to what limits pre9 has on length.  Some things say there is no limit.  I've seen a couple of postings of a limit of 24 hours which seems to be close to what I'm experiencing.  Does anyone have any additional info?  ---   thanks.