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    mms.cfg - LocalFileLegacyAction=1 Does not apply


      Trying to deploy a change to prevent the error:


      "Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation....The following application XXXXX is trying to communicate with this Internet Enabled location XXXXXXX.htm...."


      when running a captivate presentation from a server on a local network using a html link. If I manually change the flash settings to Allow then this resolves the issue but using the mms.cfg as per the admin guide and adding LocalFileLegacyAction=1, it does not resolve the issue and the warning keeps popping up.


      The documentation says:


      If this value is set to 1 (the most permissive setting), Flash Player behaves as though users had elected to place all older local SWF files into the local-trusted sandbox.



      Flash Player administrators can use several options in the mms.cfg configuration file to restrict users' ability to make these security choices.


      The LegacyDomainMatching and LocalFileLegacyAction options control Flash Player's behavior in the situations where, respectively, the domain matching or local security dialogs would be displayed. There is only a single user control (Ask/Allow/Deny) for both of these situations, but you can specify different options for each of them using these two mms.cfg options.

      The AllowUserLocalTrust option controls users' ability to add individual paths to the local-trusted sandbox.

      Any ideas why using this might not work or am I doing this wrong ??