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    Font Folio 11 - How to install/manage?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I just bought Font Folio 11 (gulp!)  So now what do I do?


      I don't want to drag/drop 3000 fonts onto my system and boggle it down.  I guess I was under the assumption that for $2500 it came with at least a basic viewer/manager, but no.


      I got a trial of Suitcase Fusion, but I can only seem to install one font at a time.


      Help, please!

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          There is no installer or uninstaller for Font Folio. It is simply a disk full of fonts. Since there are so many ways in which various users may wish to install and/or manage fonts, it simply didn't make sense for Adobe to try imposing any one such manner on everyone. Plus, virtually no one in their right mind would attempt to install all fonts at one time.


          Installation of fonts is normally quite simple, but varies from operating system to operating system and version to version. Drag and drop OpenType font files works in most situations where you want a copy of a font installed in a known, system font location. Windows 7 allows right clicking one or more OpenType or TrueType font files with context menu items that allow for installation or installation via links. (Note that you wouldn't normally install via a link to a CD or DVD given that you wouldn't normally have such an optical media mounted at all times. And of course, if you are using any font manager, such software typically provides its own mechanism for font installation, activation, deactivation, etc.


                    - Dov

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            HerbVB Level 2

            You didn't describe your environment - Windows, Mac, Linux, or ?. But

            if you're running under any version of Windows, it has a built-in font

            viewer (for one font at a time). Just double click on the .otf file

            and Fontview will present a sample along with some informatin about

            the font.


            Any of various font managers (Mac or Windows) will allow you to

            selectively and temporarily install groups of fonts, where you define

            the groups. By style, by project, or by whim.


            I keep all my fonts on an accessible hard drive, but not installed

            until I need them. It's easier and more efficient than finding and

            mounting a CD or DVD. There they can easily be viewed, dragged, or

            managed by a font manager.


              - Herb