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    Mac PE9 (Trial) Wont Import from Canon HFS11 AVCHD Cam




      I am running PE9 as a trial to see if it is worth switching over from iMovie. Editing existing MOV files has been fine.


      Today I tried to capture video from my Canon Legria HFS11 Solid State Memory Camera.


      When I go to 'Get Media' and Select AVCHD device the import window pos up and it seems to see the camera as 'Canon' appears in the drop down source. However the window which should show the clips is balnk and says 'The device does not contain any supported media'


      If I connect up to iMovie it imports all the clips just fine!


      If anybody can help that would be great as I like the workings of PE, if only I could get my footage loaded!


      Many thanks


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements should work great with this camcorder, provided you have it properly set up with your computer and your Premiere Elements project is set up to work with AVCHD 1920x1080 Stereo.


          I'd check to see if the camcorder was on and set to VTR and I'd check to see if the USB connection and I'd check to see if you can access the camcorder from other programs.


          There is no reason this should not work, particularly on a Mac. There must be something wrong with configuration somewhere.

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            HapyMacUser Level 1

            Hi Steve


            Thanks for the reply. I have now created a new project and used the AVCHD Full 1080i preset. (See attached screenshot).


            When I go to Get media I get the same message in the capture preview window. (See next Screenshot)


            Incidentally, the camera does not record interlaced but is a full HD format recorder. Is the fact that the preset is called 1080i saying it is expecting interlaced content? Could this be my problem?


            The connection etc is just fine as if I close PE and open up iMovie the camera is seen and the video captures perfectly.


            Any other thoughts?




            Screen shot 2010-12-27 at 19.56.59.png

            Screen shot 2010-12-27 at 20.00.34.png

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              Stavros F. Level 1

              I have the Canon Legria HF R16 and PRE9 full version. I have never tried to import directly to PRE9! My workflow (and proposal to you) is the following: open iMovie and from there do not import the videos, but instead choose "archive all" and save the directory structure and files from your camcorder to a hard disk. Then, from PRE9 create a proper project for your AVCHD footage (as Steve already proposed) and import from files and folders.


              Does this work better for your?