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    Find Pocket PC download and win a prize

    artoix Community Member

      A prize to someone who directs me to where I can download Reader for PPC at adobe.com! All searches direct me to Acrobat X pages with lots of offers to buy smth or learn about 'new mobile features', but not a single link to download mobile version..


      Google search much faster directed me to 3rd party websites to download Adobre Reader 2.0 PPC which speaks about poor adobe.com organization.

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          I second that. I've spent over half an hour scanning the website for the download link, found info on the Android version, successfully downloaded the latest Adobe for the computer- but where is the Windows Mobile link? Please Adobe, this is a big waste of our time... please design a large download button like you have done for the main program. If it's not available, don't advertise it. If it's available, tell us where it is!!!




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            ToneSWT Community Member

            I'm guessing that the Adobe PDF format is dead so why continue to support it. I guess we'll just have to convert our PDF's to a supported format. I'm beging to not like Adobe. They don't even let you download old versions let alone provide ANY VERSION.


            Adobe WHY DO YOU HATE US?

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              Dave Merchant CommunityModerator

              Adobe Reader for Pocket PC is a discontinued line, and therefore not available from the Adobe.com website. There is an official download of Adobe Reader 2.0 for Pocket PC (PPC 2000 and Windows Mobile 2003 to 6.5) at CNET. Never download Adobe software from any unofficial site, and the unauthorized online sharing of Adobe software, even free Adobe software, is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.


              The current mobile apps within the Adobe Acrobat X Family support Windows Phone 7, Android and Symbian devices only, and are distributed either via this website or the platform marketplaces, depending on the platform requirements for installation and code signing. Adobe Reader LE2.5, which runs on Windows Mobile 2003 to 6.5, is an OEM-flashed application and not available to the general public as a download.