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    DNG Converter Not Recognizing .CR2 Files

    Pink Lemon

      I have a new Canon EOS 5D Mark II and CS3, so I cannot view the CR2 files from the 5D in Bridge in their native format.  I read all the posts and upgraded to ACR 4.6, then upgraded the camera profiles to those in the ACR 5.2 package (the one that includes the 5D Mark II).


      I then read that I need the DNG Converter to generate DNG files from the CR2 files, so I have installed DNG 6.3.


      Problem now is that the DNG Converter will not recognize any CR2 files on my machine, neither the new 5D Mark II CR2 files of my old Rebel CR2 files.  When I navigate to a folder containing CR2 files with DNG it says "No images have been selected" in the "Select images to convert" section of the GUI.


      I have no idea what to do, I need to get the DNG Converter working to view the files from my new camera in Bridge.  Help!

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