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      I'm trying to learn how to control where external images are displayed on my timeline. I really want to use the createemptymovielcip method. It's easy to load external images right on the root. But what if I wanted to load them into a parent movieclip or behind that one, etc...so that my main root or layers that are above it will show content. For example, if I type "hello world" on layer 1 on the root, but wanted to load my external image behind that static text as a background image, how do i do that?

      Connecting to this question, will the flash 8 component "preloader" easily work "see" the external jpg I'm loading? Or does it only "see" content nested inside of the flash document.


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          flash controls the apparent depth of objects in your swf by assigning everything an integer depth. objects created in the authoring environment (like your text) are assigned a depth by flash. if you have some text on one layer and something else on a lower (or higher) layer, then your text will be assigned a lesser (or greater) depth than the something else. generally, objects in the authoring environment are positioned by flash at depth starting just below -16380.

          you can use layers to control the apparent depth of objects created in the authoring environment. you can use the swapDepths() property of movieclips to control the depth of movieclips created with actionscript (or in the authoring environment).

          when you need to control something (like text), you're usually best served by converting it to a movieclip and using the above info.

          p.s. i don't know anything about the loader component, but it certainly should make no difference what's being loaded into a target movieclip.
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            u made me a believer :)