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    Where are written tutorials / overviews / threads for 3d editing in PPRo / AE please?

    tfi productions 44 Level 1



      i am beginning to setup a 3d workflow

      with 2 avchd cameras.


      i have a kinda slow internet connection

      and i prefer to read first


      which is why i am looking for links to 'readable' tutorials, overviews, forum threads

      for doing 3d / stereoscopic edits in PPRO and AE cs5


      (i tried searching this forum for '3d workflows' and  i don't get any threads back...)



      QUESTION:  has there been any success in a 3d workflow without CIINEFORM NEOHD/ NEO3D?

      (the software is expensive / and i don't want use the trial version only to like it so much that i'm lost

      when the 15 day trial expires...)



      hope everyone is having a good start to the new year