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    PRE9 Project Settings questions


      I just got PRE9 and I am working on my first video.  The question I have is

      about project settings and resolutions, etc.  I want to output the video to both DVD and to a file that can be copied to a USB thumb drive and plugged into my l 55in HDTV for playback.  it doesn't have to be HD video, but I do want it in 16:9 widescreen atleast.


      Any suggestions?



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          nealeh Level 5

          The project setting needs to match your video source (i.e. what you are putting *IN* to PRE9). So what is the source of your clip and what settings did your camera use at the time of shooting? How did you get it into PRE9? Ideally can you run one of your video clips through the free GSpot tool and post the screen shot here.


          Getting your video output to any output (widescreen or standard) is a feature of the Share tab in PRE9. To output it to two formats (DVD and data file for your USB thumb drive) is two separate Shares that will be found under Share> Disc and Share> Computer (or possibly Share> Mobile Phones and Cameras).


          Give us a bit more detail about where and how you want to play that USB thumb drive version.


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