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    Rounded corner radius incorrect in smaller frames (CS5)


      I like to use capsule-shape boxes with text in them as a graphic element. (By capsule shape I mean a rectangular box with fully-rounded ends, for example a box .300 inches tall and 3 inches wide, with .150 radius corners.)


      However, when I use these settings and zoom in to see the exact shape, InDesign is clearly not drawing the radiuses correctly.


      You can see this VERY clearly at smaller sizes, for example draw a box .100 by 1 inch, with .050 radiused corners and zoom in. The radiuses are clearly wrong, giving the capsule flat ends rather than round ones. When you export to pdf the error is still there, so it's not an InDesign screen display error.


      Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong, or is this just a bug?


      I'm using CS5 Windows, and decimal inch measurements.