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    CP4 Quiz Results to Database or SP Library?




      First of all, i know this question has been brougt up for several years now (I have searched several days looking or an answer).  However, many posts reference an old how-to article written by Tim Mushen that is no longer available.  Many other threads take this original article and add additional information to it but I cannot find the original post anywhere.


      We do not have an LMS in place.  Our Captivate modules are posted on SharePoint.  Now the stakeholders are requesting quizzes with user results.  All I am looking for is the ability to send the quiz results via email (or however) with the user ID, date, and quiz score so that i can somehow get the information into Excel or Access.  I foolishly told stakeholders that this was an available feature in Captivate based on all the touted features of the program and now that i'm committed I find it is not such an easy feat without an LMS.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In versions of Captivate prior to Cp5 the only way you could get scoring data from a Captivate lesson into a database over the net was to build a custom solution using some form of scripting language such as ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, etc.  It required you to set the lesson up as if it was sending the scoring via email, and then 'hack' the email function in the output HTML page so that it passed the variables to another file with containing an INSERT function to plug the values into a database.


          I did this years ago for several clients that were on ColdFusion servers and wanted courses scoring to an Access database sittig on the corporate intranet.  But in theory, the same method would have worked using another scripting language such as ASP or PHP.  Any language that allows you to connect to a database would work, but you're going to need the services of a programmer if you decided to go down this route.


          However, most of that is now history since Captivate 5 hit the scene because it has another publishing option under Quiz Settings for Internal Server.  You still need to have the ability to run PHP in this case (that's the only language Adobe provided for), but a good programmer could probably port the code to something your IT network is allowed to use.


          Search the Adobe knowledge base for info about Internal Server and the Adobe Quiz Results Analyzer.  This is an AIR app that enables you to view scoring data in the Internal Server database.


          If you can download a Captivate 5 trial, give it a go.

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            I was wondering if you were able to get this working?  I am also working with Captivate 5.5 and SharePoint, however, I am not sure how to best store quiz results using SharePoint.


            If you were able to successfully implement this solution, please share.    I am interested in learning how to set this up for our corporate environment.


            Thank you,