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    Clipping with transparency


      Is it possible to display an image with a rectangular section inside it being 100% visible and any portion outside that rectangle to be "clipped" but still be visible at less than 100%? I'm not sure if this would be accompolished with the clipContent property or something else, just looking for some ideas.


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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Hard to picture exactly what you are describing.


          Perhaps provide a screen shot and provide a description referring to parts of that screen shot?

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            ScottFriebel Level 1

            I wasn't sure how to describe that exactly. I attached a pic below with an example of how it might look.

            Essentially what I would like to accomplish with it is -

            The semi-transparent area would be visible only while the photo was being dragged, and would become invisible when the dragging stopped.

            The dragging of the photo itsself would be constrained so that the 100% visible section would always be filled with the photo (the photo couldn't be dragged outside that space).

            The picture would be able to be zoomed in and out making more or less of it visible in the open section, again constrained to still fill the center space.


            At this point I'm getting stuck how to display the photo like below. I made that photo with 4 separate canvases, one on each side, but that wouldn't work for me as a final design.