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    Lightbox issue - Close button does not show, next/prev do show

    Dorys Sosa Prentice Community Member

      I'd be less concerned if none of the buttons showed up because then I'd know it was a linking issue, however, all the buttons are in the folder and all are referenced in the .js and html the exact same way.  The prev and next buttons appear, but the close button and the loading.gif do not appear on my live site.


      Also, I tried to remove the .js that shows up in the html but then the lightbox doesn't work so I have javascript on the body of the page and a link to an external lightbox.js file.


      Here is a the snippet of the html body script.




      And for the .js


            */           function _set_interface() {                // Apply the HTML markup into body tag                $('body').append('

            */           function _set_interface() {                // Apply the HTML markup into body tag                $('body').append('
      ');                     // Get page sizes                var arrPageSizes = ___getPageSize();>
      ');                     // Get page sizes                var arrPageSizes = ___getPageSize();


      I have a feeling the problem is in the lightbox.js file.  the line states for both the close button and loading.gif "<img src="Scripts/' + settings.imageBtnClose (or settings.imageLoading...)


      so I tried changing this link to  src="images/lightbox/' ... to match where the images are, but this didn't work either.


      Thanks in advance!