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    Is coldfusion dead?

    brambilaa Level 1

      Judging by the lack of participation in this forum, I'm guessing coldfusion really is dead....Adobe doesn't seem to care a whole lot about it either judging by the number of unanswered posts!

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          existdissolve Level 2

          Yes, the fact that there are over 100 replies to posts on the first page of this forum alone certainly supports your theory (smacks forehead).


          Go troll elsewhere.

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            ilssac Level 5

            Then you can just call me and the thousands of fellow ColdFusion developoers zombies and we'll call you troll.

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              tooMuchTrouble Level 3

              i believe that calls for a "bazinga"

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                my PC Techs

                Not dead, but certainly very, very far removed from maintstream, which is both good and bad. Good, because ColdFusion developers are easily able to earn 50% more than other language developers due to the difficulty in finding one. Bad, because eventually the language will die off.

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                  Samantha Dash Level 1

                  I have to agree with the original poster that the quality of this board really sucks.


                  It's interesting how everyone tries to attack the original poster. The poor guy, instead why don't you do some self-reflection and see how can you approve the aboard?




                  Anyway...read CF visionaries like Ben Nadel, Ray Camden, etc

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                    Adam Cameron. Level 5

                    Well, Bluespoon, you've made a total of nine posts here, so it's perhaps a bit early in your membership here to be complaining about how useful people find these forums.


                    I think these forums are pretty good for people asking questions at the simple end of the scale, as they get their questions answered quickly and reasonably accurately.  However anything beyond mid-level sort of stuff struggles to get answers here.  givent hat, most of the questions here are pretty basic, so I think quite a high percentage of people looking for help actually get it.


                    As an exercise, if you review the posts made over the last week or so, what percentage haven't had an answer or at least a response with an offer to help?


                    As for people being abrupt towards people posting the perennial "CF is dead"... it all gets a bit old and repetitive after a while.  This sort of thing pops up every few months (and it unfolds exactly the same way this thread has).  The people making the assertion just sound ignorant and, as someone pointed out, just after a bit of a sh!t-stir.  Their posts have little to do with actually engendering discussion about the potential longevity of CF, they're just sitting @ home (possibly their mother's home) in their piss-stained underpants slobbering with glee at the chance to interact with people the only way they can: trying to wind them up.   And what sort of fvckwit does that?  The only thing they deserve is derision.




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                      Owain North Level 4

                      BBC News haven't changed their headline in over an hour, I assume this means that absolutely nothing has happened in the world and we're all doomed.


                      For once, I completely agree with Adam. I signed up to these forums to help people out and return some of the favours given to me when I was starting out, but I find myself coming here less and less as it's watered down by the pointless drivel such as this thread.


                      Many of us here are extremely busy people but we want to help; however there's only so many times you can answer the same old questions by people who simply can't be arsed to even begin looking into the problem yourselves. I've spent over an hour drafting and testing a reply for someone before, but that was because he came on, stated clearly and precisely his issue and his entire thought process and problem solving trail.


                      When people come on saying "how do I send an email" then wonder why no-one's bothered replying they tend to get the right arse on rather than thinking "maybe, just MAYBE someone's asked this before, and maybe if I Google for it I'll find a million replies".


                      ColdFusion is NOT dead. True enough Adobe do *not* care about you, because £2k to them is pocket money. They're just like any other multi-billion dollar company, do you really expect them to send a salesman round to pleasure you because you're buying two copies of CF Builder? No. Not going to happen.


                      ColdFusion is stronger than ever - just because some tosspot PHP developer looks down his nose at it doesn't mean it's pointless, and very few companies go from CF back to something else once they've seen how quickly systems can be developed.


                      Now stfu

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                        Steve Sommers Level 4

                        I also fully agree with Adam and Owain. I would simply add that many of the time wasting posts could easily be answered, not only by prior threads or Googling, but by bothering to take a quick peek at the documentation. "How do I send an email" is a good example. How long does it take to find CFMAIL in the documentation? The other time waster is the opposite extreme -- "How do I write a shopping cart?" or "How do I secure my application?" There are entire books and courses dedicated to questions like these and providing a useful answer beyond "refer to such-and-such" is a very time consuming proposition.

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                          tclaremont Level 2

                          I have to think that the redundant questions are not unique to ColdFusion though. I am sure the "I cant be bothered to do any homework, so please do it for me" questions are a reflection of the person asking the question, rather than the product. A similar observation could be made regarding the very post that started this topic.

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                            ColdFusion was official pronounced dead a while back and then version 3 came out.What version are we on now??

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                              tclaremont Level 2

                              The perceived lack of participation might have something to do with the fact that CF is so intuitive (for most people) that any amount of initiative on the developer's part finds an answer in very short order.


                              BTW: This is a positive reflection on CF, not a negative one.

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                                djkhalif Level 1

                                Of course those that cannot grasp the language wish to declare its' death, when they are unable to give life to their career using it.



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                                  But now that this old horse has been beat to near extinction where is the original poster? Yes, brambilaa got a brow-beating for his question, but one must recognize that as an outsider, a forum with mild participation (in comparison to some anyway) would give the impression that no one uses, nor cares for, ColdFusion any longer. Understand that this statement is far from truth, and the ColdFusion community is actually quite busy and helpful.


                                  brambilaa I encourage you to post back here. What do you think about all this? Have you explored other avenues of communication in the ColdFusion community? Are you interested in learning more? Please reply here, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@adampresley), or anyone else here. I'd hate for the label of "troll" to hold truth.


                                  And as always, happy coding!

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                                    Steve Sommers Level 4

                                    But I would counter that with: Anyone who thinks this forum has mild participation does not frequent many forums on other topics and industries. No, this forum cannot compete with various social sites for sheer volume and questions usually don't get sub-sixty second resplies, but the quality of the responses are usually much higher. I frequest various point-of-sale and industry specific forums like restaurants. In many of these it is common for a question to go unanswered for days or weeks. What makes things worse, on many of these sites you'll get a response like "I can help, give me a call [and I'll sell you my crap]." (I added the last part)  Should I consider these industries as on their way to extinction?


                                    Anyway, I try to respond when I can on topics I know but I have work to do. I don't have time to be a forum butterfly and I'm sure other participants on this forum have similar constraints. I don't blame this on a technology on its way to extinction. When something is free, many times you get what you pay for. If you have an urgent problem that requires an immediate answer, Adobe and others offer pay-per-call support -- just like M$ if .Net is your preference -- I'm not sure if PHP offers the same (I'm sure somebody does, but that's not my area of expertise).


                                    I think earlier in this thread I responded with some of the reasons questions go unanswered (if it was not this thread, a similar one). I still believe those are the biggest factors -- too vague a question or too complex an answer (like how do I write a shopping cart in CF?). Anyway, I hope this helps.

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                                      ColdFusion is very strong and alive.  I also use PHP, J2EE and

                                      .Net and can honestly say ColdFusion is the easiest and most efficient for most of my development.

                                      Long live ColdFusion as the the best Server side in the web development world!

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                                        BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        That's the spirit Oaklander! ColdFusion could borrow this line from Mark Twain, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". You can't ignore all the Adobe hype on ColdFusion.