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    Trouble with color?


      I am a fairly new user to Fireworks.  What I am doing is importing some Gif files into Fireworks.  Once the objects are there I simply would like to change their color.  I am able to select and resize the objects.  However, I am unable to change their color.  There is no color option in the object's property box.  Thanks for the help.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          GIF's are flat files; you can't just change the color as you would with a vector. Instead, do this:


          Select the Paint Bucket tool.

          Select a color from the Fill category of the Properties panel

          Put the Paint bucket cursor over the color you want to change and click the mouse. The old color will be replaced with the new color.



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            Collin133 Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thank you for getting back to me on this.  I tried your suggestion as I understood it, but it didn't work.  When I moved the paintbucket over the object, the object became active, but the color did not change.  As a work around I was able to pain the objects to the colors I wanted, but it took more time.  Thanks again.