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      • 240. Re: Can't install CS5 Master collection engl Win 7 64- bits

        Has this problem been resolved yet by Adobe?

        There hasn't been any mention of this problem since Oct 24.

        Like a lot of others who posted, I don't really want to spend hours or days trying to find a solution to this problem (if this problem still exists).

        I was about to purchase CS5 Master collection, but now I'm not sure if I want to risk it.

        After all, it's a significant chunk of change to spend and this problem does seem pending..

        Do we need to wait until the release of CS6?

        • 241. Re: Can't install CS5 Master collection engl Win 7 64- bits
          Vineet_Garhewal Level 1

          Hi Acabanner,


          What problem your are facing with CS5 Installation?

          Please let me know if you have spoken to Adobe Tech-Support guys.




          Vineet Garhewal

          Adobe Systems Inc.

          • 242. Re: Can't install CS5 Master collection engl Win 7 64- bits
            SethInNyc Level 1

            I solved this by repairing registry permissions.


            I noticed this:


            Error 1402.Could not open key: UNKNOWN\Components\DA42BC89BF25F5BD0AF18C3B9B1A1EE8\91785D291CBB3CC40AB8659C8E48CCC2.   Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.

            in the setup logs.


            I fixed permissions on this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\ Components by adding "Administrators" to the allowed full control users and set the owner to Administrators as well.  In both cases I replaced information on child elements.


            I spent 6 hours on this --I hope this helps someone.




            • 243. Re: Can't install CS5 Master collection engl Win 7 64- bits
              mrjoz Level 1

              !!!   FIXED   !!!


              so the problem may very well lay in the Microsoft VC80.msi but none the less i've got the solution through a tad of logical thinking.


              so i watched a training video (thanks terry white) which stated Flash Catalyst "builds" a visual UI based on Flash Builder's ability to write the code version of what's created in FC.


              As both programs wouldn't install through the adode cs5 mc routine, nor the standalone version of FC. i concluded that FC wanted the framework of FB(4) to drop the payloads of FC into the common files correctly. cut a long story short....


              0. log in as administrator. do this if it gives you a warm fussy feeling!

              1. i'd already installed all the msi files manually (following the instructions below), though hadn't done any other steps in the process below.

              2. download and install Flash Builder 4

              3. install Flash Catalyst CS5, i unchecked the 3 additional install files (air, media etc).

              4. donate me a dollar for helping you enjoy FC and FB.


              [signature deleted by host]

              • 244. Re: Can't install CS5 Master collection engl Win 7 64- bits - Mac vs PC

                I successfully installed cs5 design prem. to a windows vista box from digital download several months ago, and just upgraded to a clean install of win 7 recently and went to re-install cs5 on it.


                I experienced an error(20) which lead me to this forum with which I read and came across some comments which lead me to a succussful result. Just running as Administrator worked for me.


                But through this process I've come across your comments which I believe to be totally inappropriate and offensive. You have showed total disregard for your customers/end users. Ill informed comments and abusive language is totally inappropriate for any professional organisation. The appearance of your short sighted PC protectionist attitude in no way contributes to this forum and in helping people who are looking for it!


                I have been programming and involved with computers of all makes and models for 30 years now, and some things just don't have logical answers at times. Several years ago I made an important backup of a pc (dell) across 3 dvd's. Sometime after and to this date the half dozen Pc's i've tried them on, just don't read them - some take 5minutes to bring up the explorer window and I can maybe copy one file off it.(from thousands). A Mac on the other hand, imac and macbook pro. Both read the disc sucessfully - all files.


                Simply because you have been around a while doesn't mean you'll ever know it all, and in no way gives you the right to treat people poorly as you have in this public forum. Particulary when the suggested solution is one which may work for some people!


                Regards Matt

                • 245. Re: Can't install CS5 Master collection engl Win 7 64- bits - Mac vs PC
                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                  I am sorry you are so offended, but the truth is the truth. I use both Windows and Mac systems. I own no stock in either Microsoft, Apple, or any other PC manufacturer and I am certainly not trying to protect anybody. I certainly don't see how my comments can reasonably be construed as ill informed or abusive. My response was strictly to a posting claiming some type of superior engineering of Macintoshes make their DVD drives somehow more reliable. The same DVD drives are used in Macintoshes as are used in Windows-based systems. And our experience is that failures to read DVDs and CDs occur on both platforms either due to drive problems or disk problems or both. Furthermore, we've seen DVDs that won't read on a particular Macintosh system that do read perfectly fine on some PCs, but that is not enough to make ill informed generalizations about the engineering of the system on which the failure was seen.


                          - Dov

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