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    Black screen


      Mac user OS 10.6.5, Safari 5.0.3.  Several weeks ago tried to download a form from the Gov an was told I need to have Adobe Reader Ver 9 or higher.  Download Adobe Ver 10.  Went back to the Gov site and tried down load the form again.  Screen was black.  Address bar showed that I was on the page to be downloaded.  Contacted Gov help, said not their problem.  Sent an e-mail to Adobe, no response.  Have tried to download Ver 9.4, same problem black screen.  Can't use the orginally installed Ver 7.  Nothing but black screens.  Tried using the help from Adobe, no help.  What do I need to do to correct this problem?  Is it something that I did wrong?  Heelllpp!




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          Try to check this option: Edit > Preferences > Page Display > Show Large Images

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            retiredr Level 1

            Check, and the "show large images" box was checked.


            Still got black screens

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              try67-Ack7pB Level 1

              Could you share the link to this file?

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                retiredr Level 1



                This is just one example.  I can't open any PDF file.  They all come up with black screens.



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                  try67-Ack7pB Level 1

                  The file itself is fine. Try saving it locally and then double-clicking it

                  instead of opening it in your browser.

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                    retiredr Level 1

                    Thanks for trying to solve my problem.  But saving each and every file and opening them is going to be a major pain in the ***. 


                    Something went wrong when I installed Ver 10, but what?  What's really weird is that Ver 7 does the same thing.  Black screens.

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                      try67-Ack7pB Level 1

                      I suggested it as a way of locating the problem through deduction, not as

                      what you should do from now on.

                      By the way, mixing versions like that is not recommended. You should try

                      uninstalling everything and then installing just one version.

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                        I have exactly the same problem.  I've reinstalled Reader X several times and still get black screen whenever I try to open a pdf.  This wasn't a problem before I upgraded to X.  Please help.

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                          callie4512 Level 1

                          One other thing.  When I look at the "more info" in the application, there's a box that says "open in 32 bit mode", which is checked.  I have Snow Leopard.  Thought this might be the problem, but when I unchecked it, still got black screen. 

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                            retiredr Level 1


                            Removed all vers of 10.  Even the logo art work.  The only thing I have left is the original ver 7.  It will only open files that I have previously downloaded.  Trying to open up any new pdf page still results in the black screen.  So my guess is that there is a bug in the ver 10 for Mac's that may have infected the older vers as well.  How long before its corrected is anyones guess.  I guess that I should get brave and delete ver 7 and start over with anything but ver 10.  Does this sound like a good strategy? 

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                              callie4512 Level 1

                              Amazingly, I found that the problem goes away when I use the Chrome browser!!  Have no idea why.  It's the only browser I can use to get a pdf.  Try that, and see if it  works for you.

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                                karanmalik Adobe Employee

                                Hi Jim,


                                I am using MAC OS 10.6.6 (latest update from MAC) with Safari 5.0.3

                                I am able to download and view 1010EZ form in my safari (from the link you provided). Also I can see links to start filling application online in pdf forms as well as I am able to download the form to fill it offline. Did not see any Black Screen.


                                Can you check that you are able to open other pdfs in safari. Browse for some PDF on net or open any pdf present in your system in Safari. Also is Reader X your default application to open pdfs in Safari? You can check that by opening a plist file in any plist editor. Open file: /Library/Preferences/com.adobe.acrobat.pdfviewer.plist and check key WebBrowserUsePath. This should point to Adobe Reader application. Also check version of /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin. This should be 10.0.




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                                  retiredr Level 1

                                  Hi Karan,

                                  I could not open any pdf file from any source in Safari.  Removed version 10 of reader an only have version 7 which was on the Mac since day one.  The only files that I can open are the ones I downloaded long ago.


                                  Not really computer savvy, but will try your suggestions later today.  Right now I have snow to content with.  Also I'm going to call Apple Care later today.


                                  Thanks for your input.  Will keep you posted.


                                  James Gautsch

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                                    retiredr Level 1

                                    To all who tried to help, problem is solved.  Thanks to Apple Care.  They had me delete the following:  "AdobePDFViewer.plugin".


                                    Thanks for all the input.



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                                      Thank you for the question. I had this kind of problem. Please open your document even it is black screen.

                                      Click Edit ---> Go to Accessibility -----> Setup Assistance -----> Accessibility box will open ------> check mark "Set all accessibility Option" ---> Click "Next" Accessibility Setup Assistance. Screen 2 of 5 will appear ----> Uncheck "Use High Contrast Color for Document Text" High contrast color combination will be faded ----> Click Next -----> Screen 3 of 5 will appear Click Next Screen 4 of 5 will appear Click Next Screen 5 of 5 will appear Click Done. You are all set.

                                      Have nice on!