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    imported .FLV into Flash, first video works the rest don't....


      Hi there,


      First time posting here,


      Basically I have imported .flv videos into my flash website. The actual .flv videos have been uploaded to my website so the player skin is the only thing on each page and each skin is linked to the url of the video location. Hope its making sense so far. My problem is that the first video works fine but the other 3 videos do not play...the video player skin does not even turn up. I have also uploaded the "ClearOverPlaySeekMute.swf" video skin file onto my website but still does not work....


      Any suggestions ?




      Raj !


      P.S. Heres the flash website (its my own portfolio). If you go onto the "Projects" page and click on Solar System and go through the pages then you will see what I mean.