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    Access to mx:Text inside mx:ItemRenderer

    K4Flex Level 1



      I have the following structure:






                //some functions and bindable variables here








                          <mx:Text id="bookTitle" text={data.bookTitle} click="outerDocument.bookClickHandler"/>

                          <mx:Button id="bookButton" label="Click Me!" />






      My question is, how do I dynamically change the bookTitle component from within the mx:Script portion of my code?  Say for example, there are no books found, how can I put on the mx:Script portion that if there are no books, this.bookTitle.text="No books found" and then set another font color and size like this.bookTitle.fontSize=15, this.bookTitle.fontColor=#333333.  I tried doing this on the mx:Script portion and I get the following error:


      "Access of possibly undefined property bookTitle through a reference with static type ui:BookList"


      (BookList is the name of my List class)


      Please help.