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    Loading Bars

      Hey Everyone!

      So im trying to get a loading bar for my flash site, and followed this guys tutorials - www.gotoandlearn.com... which are GREAT by the way!!!

      ...BUT, i can seem to figure out one part.. in the begining of the Loading bar tutorial, he says "now i go to test movie" and he gets the window that has 4 options on the top bar, and in it - it will show you the bandwidth, and the movie.... and I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how to get this window to open!! i went to test move, and it just plays the movie, i dont get this window that pops up! and i need this window to finishe my final step of adjusting the speed it loads!

      Can someone help me out on this!? i would REALLY appreciate it!!!

      THANXS in advance!! :)