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    Pagemaker 7 Crashing


      Just today, I have created three Pagemaker 7 documents, all of which have crashed after I have placed photos (anywhere from 5 to 6). The documents and Pagemaker application close with no warning or dialogue box. The documents do not show up as recent publications. When I attempt to open them via the "open" command, they cannot be opened because they were "not closed properly". The sizes of the JPEGs are all less than 2 Mbs each. All were scanned using Pagemanager software, converted to a Photoshop document, opened and modified in PS CS5, and converted to JPEGs, supposedly ready for inclusion into my Pagemaker document. During that time, I have had three applications open: (1) Pagemaker 7, (2) Photoshop CS5, and (3) Bridge (that accompanies the CS5 version).


      I have scanned hundreds of photos using the same methods, although most have been by using Photoshop CS3, instead of CS5. I have not ever had this problem of both the document and application both closing unexpectedly.


      My questions are: Is this a memory (RAM) problem? It doesn't appear that my files are corrupted. I have scanned close to 600 images for this project (all now converted to JPEGs, with files sizes less than one Mb up through 20 Mb.) What else might account for the unexpected closure?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Scanned into Pagemaker? Why?


          Scan them in Photoshop and save as TIF. And since you have the rest of the Creative Suite may I suggest you move to InDesign?



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            hhoolee Level 1

            Dear Bob:

            Thanks for the response. I scanned them into Pagemanager, which is the software that came with my Canon scanner. Those scanned files were then saved as PSD files. After correction (straightening, resizing, etc.), they were saved as JPEGs. I only have Photoshop CS5, but not the CS suite.


            My suspicion still is that I have a RAM deficiency. My Dell PC only has 2.5 Gb of RAM. I can increase it to 4, which would help, but I am also thinking of upgrading to a new PC.


            What is your opinion on the crashing?

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              What version of Windows?


              Pagemaker is 10 years old and is deadend software. Almost any regular user has moved to InDesign by now. In fact, I haven't PM installed in many years.



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                hhoolee Level 1

                I am using Windows XP Home, PC is a DELL Dimension E510 with only 2.5 GB of RAM.


                I tried InDesign a few years ago, but could not understand how to even create a basic page. I have been using Pagemaker since 1986, going through the various versions. I would be willing to try InDesign again, I suppose.


                Thank you.



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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  You can upgrade to InDesign CS5 for less than $200: http://amzn.to/gOd73m


                  I would strongly urge you to invest in Sandee Cohen's Visual Quick Start Guide as well: http://amzn.to/eBLcfi


                  This is must have book for InDesign beginners.



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                    I have the same problem. Pagemaker crashes when I try to use JPEGs saved from Photoshop CS5.


                    Running on Windows XP. I don't think it is a RAM problem.


                    My working assumption is that CS5 saves JPEG data in a way that poor old Pakermaker can't cope with.


                    My work-around was to resave the images in TIFF format (still using CS5) with LZW compression. Then Pagemaker is happy with the images.


                    Note: when I tried saving TIFF images with JPEG compression Pagemaker would again barf.


                    Cheers, Paul

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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      PM was never very good with anything but EPS and TIF.





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                        Jay Chevako Level 3

                        What Bob said. Having said that, it may have to do with the settings you used on the jpg, It never could handle a progressive jpg.

                        Tiff with jpg compression is a relatively new abomination created years after the last update of pagemaker.


                        Photoshop CS5 and pagemaker, what a combo.


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                          paulkennett Level 1

                          Aha! It was the progressive JPGs that were causing the problem.


                          I tried saving a few images as plain old baseline JPG's (from Photoshop CS5) and Pagemaker was fine with them.


                          (This is my last project in Pagemaker. I have Indesign CS5 installed and ready to go once this job is out the door.)


                          Cheers, Paul

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                            Bob Caused This Level 1

                            Not sure what you mean by 'deadened' software. If you mean Adobe has discontinued both support and production of the product, then yes. But I am using PageMaker 7.01a on a regular basis without any problems at all. In fact I just installed the program on the 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate OS. Granted I had to sneak PM in the back door using the 32 bit Virtual PC XP Mode. he he he...but the fact remains, I can open PM while in the regular 64 bit OS. Not to say it is working flawlessly, but has any Adobe product ever? I really have no need to upgrade to InDesign. I think Adobe was waiting for the right moment to market their Quark clone, and finally saw their chance. I didn't bite. In fact my first experience with PM was Aldus Pagemaker 5.0. When I came to work in the office back in 1995, we had just upgraded from v. 4. Those were the good ol' days. And yes, NEVER place jpegs into a PM document. Lesson learned.

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty good definition of dead end software, so I think I’m going to stick with that.




                              Consider yourself very lucky to get PM installed and running on that setup.




                              I think you need a history lesson, though. Adobe didn’t buy Aldus for Pagemaker, they bought it because Aldus had already started working on InDesign.





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                                Bob Caused This Level 1

                                Yes, dead-end software is quite different from deadened software. A matter of symantics i suppose. I would have to agree that PM is indeed dead-end software. At some point i may be faced with upgrading to InDesign. It's not that i don't have the software, but c'mon, my 5 yr old version of InDesign won't open ANY of the newer documents I receive from clients -- not back end compatible. Bottom line is that i create files for the printing press and my pdf exports work flawlessly out of PM and have no trouble going through their prepress rip.


                                I have passed my biggest challenge -- integrating PM in the Windows 7 Ultimate OS. Luck? yes, partly, but more so determination, and of course quite a bit intellect.


                                If there is a will, there is a way, in spite of corporate America. After all, who's looking out for the little guy? Think of all the old hardware (scanners) that worked perfectly fine in XP that don't have 64 bit drivers. Is a 64 bit OS that much better? idk. Maybe, but in my own experience, it has just caused a lot of headache. Most people take the easy way out, which is upgrade both hardware and software, and that requires capital.