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    Flash 10.2 AEC...


      Has anyone here started playing with the new echo cancellation that's in Flash 10.2?

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          Hironmay Level 4

          Firstly, its part of 10.3 ( I guess 10.2 is more of a patch) as I was informed by the player team and this will come around june( as per my last info). We are going to put it and update you once a stable build of 10.3 is available and whenever its available, we will try to get it simultaneously in LCCS.



          Hironmay Basu

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            Sandy_Lerman Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the rumors that it was shoehorned into 10.2 were just rumors.

            Great news that it's coming thought!

            Is there anything else that we can look forward to in 10.3. Or is that all secret for now?




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              Hi Sandy,


              Good news. We just released the beta version of Flash Player 10.3 for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Adobe Labs tonight. You can check out the new features of Flash Player 10.3 including the AEC feature now. Let us know what you think.