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    Book not appearing on Kobo


      So I downloaded a book not realizing it was in PDF format. I downloaded the adobe digital editions and authorized both my computer and kobo.  The book appears in the library and I have dragged it onto the Kobo icon.  When I do this it appears in the Kobo bookshelf.  However when I turn my Kobo on, the book in nowhere to be found.  Help please?

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          I had the same problem, I called in to the Kobo help desk, they had me install an update to

          1.8 from 1.4.  Now Adobe keeps crashing, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and my do

          wnloaded books are still on the re-installed Adobe.....but still not on my Kobo. Kobo is

          'working on it' for the past week.

          If you do find a solution can you post it here, maybe Adobe will reply to your call for help!!