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    Reader X crashes on Windows XP


      I try to run Reader X on Winsows XP SP3, and it crashes:


      What could be the problem?

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          vasyunia Newcomer

          I uninstalled Reader X and installed Reader

          9.4.1 instead, and everything works just fine. So what's the

          problem with Reader X, why does it crash?

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            fred smithers

            I and my colleague had the same problem on win xp sp3.  our solution uninstall and fallback to previous version

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              ruchi_agrawal_adobe Newcomer

              How are you trying to launch Reader? Double click / right click>Run as...

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                Do you have any 3rd party plug-ins?

                I've seen similar issues with 3rd party plug-ins that aren't compatible with the new "Protected Mode" in Reader X. You should be able to move 3rd party plugins from the Reader 10.0 plug_ins folder, launch Reader, open preferences and uncheck "Enable Protected Mode at startup". After that, move your plugin files back into the plug_ins folder and re-launch Reader.

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                  ruchi_agrawal_adobe Newcomer


                  This may also be due to missing Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries.


                  You can reinstall the Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries to resolve the problem.


                  Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)


                  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9B2DA534-3E03-4391-8A4D-074B9F2BC 1BF&displaylang=en

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                    ruchi_agrawal_adobe Newcomer

                    Are you running Reader X as admin/std/guest user?

                    Also is there any Antivirus like McAfee/Norton installed on your machine?

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                      Install VS redistribuables (latest I think/hope) - but no change.

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                        i have the same problem here when i click about

                        adobe reader x crash.png


                        i already reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) but same problem it crashes & hungup adobe reader x, i cant access also to preferences its not responding hangup.

                        not responding.png


                        so i downgrade to 9.4.0


                        My OS: XP SP3

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                          i´ve tried something that works.


                          just right-click on the AcroRd32.exe and chose properties. then Compatible Mode.then i chose Compatible Mode > Run Programm in Compatible Mode

                          for and there i chose Windows 2000. click on OK and start the exe or a pdf.

                          runs now without any probs. don´t knwo why :=) but it works for me. hope it could be helpful for you.


                          greetings from germany




                          ps. excuse my bad english 

                          pps. my system  winxp 32  sp3

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                            Chosing the Windows 2000 compatible mode partially worked for me.  But, I still get the Visual C++ runtime error.  However, that doesn't seem to crash Reader.


                            Even with that fix, I can only open a pdf file by first starting Reader, and opening a file from within reader.  (In other words, if I double-click on a .pdf file from within Windows, it crashes.  I am also finding that my Acrobat Reader plugin for Firefox still crashes when I try to view a pdf file in the Firefox browser.


                            I think I'd like to just install a previous stable version.  Can someone advise me on how to do that (specifically, where to find it).  I was upgrading from Reader 7, and removed it from my machine before I downloaded Reader X.


                            What a cluster!




                            PS, since I installed Reader X, I now have two identical copies of Adobe Air on my computer, according to the Uninstall manager.  If I uninstall one, will it further mess up my system?  Do I need Adobe Air to use Reader?

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                              mappyto Newcomer

                              I had the same problem and tried the compatability mode. It worked for me. Thanks!

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                                lokutus25 Newcomer





                                the crash whould be caused by the thumbnail action, for example you just slide with your mouse over an PDF document,

                                then windows tried to give you a pre-view of the doc, but uses the adobe X without the compatible mode.

                                but as you wrote, i doesn´t make a difference because of the reader doesn´t crash.


                                i hope adobe whould patch these error as fast as they can, because of the sandbox usage correctly with winxp.


                                greetz from ger,




                                ps. i hope i ddidn´t wrote to many nonsense

                                pps. adobe reader requires adobe air. still you can de-install all adobe prducts and install them completly new.


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                                  WhidbeyG Newcomer



                                  Thanks for your help.


                                  After trying everyone's suggestinos, I was still having Acrobat issues, so I tried uninstalling Acrobat, Air, and the C++ runtime libraries.  (When I upgraded to the 2008 libraries, I noticed that the previous version on my computer (2005) was still there.  So, I uninstalled both versions.)  Then, I installed the 2008 C++ libraries, followed by installing Acrobat Reader X (and its payload of Adobe Air).  Everything works fine now, as far as I can tell.  Hovering the mouse over a desktop PDF file does not throw a runtime library error, and the Reader plugin in Firefox works fine too. I am not using the Windows 2000 compatibility either.


                                  BTW - Your English is fine.  Thanks again.

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                                    Hi all,


                                    I'm facing the same problem too. When I open Adobe Reader X, I got this error instead:




                                    A check on the application event log shows this:




                                    I re-installed Visual C++ 2008 libraries and then install Adobe Reader X but is still the same. This is ridiculous!!!


                                    AND WHY IS ADOBE KEEPING HUSH HUSH ABOUT THIS WHEN THIS IS A REAL ISSUE!!!! DAMN YOU ADOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                      I was getting the same crashing described by others..

                                      Thanks for the compatibility tip, that seems to work reasonably well.

                                      I need both VS2005 and VS2008 on my system, so that could be an issue.


                                      I still get some crash dumps, but the program seems to keep going! Sigh....

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                                        MuffinRichie Newcomer

                                        I am having this EXACT same issue.


                                        Just opening Reader or double-clicking on a PDF I get the Runtime error and the reader crashes.


                                        Switching compatibility mode to 2000 at least allows me to view the files, but printing causes a hard crash.


                                        Is the only solution to remove all versions of VC except 2008?

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                                          Leonard39700 Newcomer

                                          Well removing VS2008 is NOT an option for me!  I at first thought the occasional crash was tolerable, but now it seems some background process is crashing...removing

                                          Reader X is getting more and more likely...

                                          • 18. Crash possibly due to XP low resources/memory?

                                            I get exactly the same error message, sometimes 10-20 seconds after starting Reader X by itself, and sometimes after opening a file. In my case it seems to be related to resource usage. If I close all other applications (or reboot the system for that matter), then Reader X will work fine and will open the exact same file that it was crashing on.


                                            In my specific case I had Outlook 2003, IE8 2 instances x 8 tabs, Skype, and a whole bunch of other apps open and Reader X would crash 10-15 seconds after opening a file.  Closing everything seemed to fix the problem.  Now the same file can be opened without any problems. 

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                                              Scott Sanders Newcomer

                                              On my XP box at work and my fiancee's at home, if I double-click to open a PDF, Reader X crashes, every single time.


                                              If I open a PDF some way other than double-clicking, it opens OK.


                                              So I spent a company hour or so today which I may bill to Adobe later, and I discovered that if I changed the reading order setting from "infer" to "left-to-right," it solves it.


                                              Ironically, we want to setup DRM using ACS, while Protected Mode is largely the cause of this bug, and if I recall correctly, these types of issues killed Adobe's first eBook app. Hmm.